Black Homosexuality Goes Mainstream with Release of Spiritual Empowerment Book for Black GLBT, Clergy and Families

Once an unspoken and nearly unseen taboo within the black community, the topic of homosexuality has repeatedly resurfaced in recent years as many black churches and community leaders have struggled to address issues concerning a lifestyle often demonized, misinterpreted and exclusively seen only through the eyes of HIV/AIDS.

In his new GLBT affirming spiritual empowerment book, Black, Gay and Christian: An Inspirational Guidebook to Daily Living, author Herndon L. Davis sheds full light upon the numerous issues facing today’s Black Gay Christian while bringing acute awareness to the Black mainstream as to the crucial need for broader inclusion, reconciliation and acceptance of homosexuality.

“Bridging the community and spiritual gap is the overall theme of this book. It can be easily read and digested by anyone within the black community,” explained Davis. “An eighty year old grandmother, a church pastor, a bi-sexual man, and a lesbian teenager can all read this book and gain a sharper, clearer understanding and insight into the world of Black homosexuality.”

However, Davis is quick to point out that “this is not a book of fiery debate or argument; instead this is a book of growth and development in learning how to move forward and beyond the controversy of homosexuality, so that we can collectively attack more pressing issues within our community such as poverty, crime, education and racial profiling.”

Divided into three sections, the book first provides Black clergy and families with answers to their frequently asked questions concerning homosexuality by addressing their commonly held community and spiritual beliefs. The section also provides advice and direction on how to minister and love someone who is GLBT.

The “life-skills” section provides spiritual inspirational advice, motivational direction, and biblical solutions to the most pressing issues impacting the Black GLBT community such as overcoming the emotional pain of black gay guilt, the dilemma of GLBT parenting, topics concerning same-gender-loving dating, plus issues dealing with workplace homophobia and managing personal finances.

Finally, the third and most crucial section deals exclusively with the spiritual growth and development of the Black GLBT community. Davis explained that, “this is the spiritual how-to section of the book. It is extremely comprehensive in explaining how to establish a vibrant relationship with God, how to unleash the power of prayer, how to increase the intensity of one’s faith, discover God’s plan and purpose and run on faith as a reconciled GLBT Christian. Bottom line, male, female, gay, straight, young or old, everyone within the Black community can definitely benefit from reading this book.”