Blessed Persecutors

Bless those who persecute us!?
God, do you know what You’re asking?

I don’t mean to complain but
really, what are You thinking?

Bless those who killed poor Matthew Shepard?
Are you sure You want to say that for the record?

And Lord, he isn’t the only one.
Many of us live under fear of the gun.

Tormented and taunted for this “gift” that You gave,
How long will You tell us to “Just be brave”?

“Vengeance is Mine, I will repay.”
When is that hour? When is the day?

But then You remind me of Your pain on the cross.
How you gave everything, ignoring the costs.

You prayed that the Father would forgive those men.
You asked that they should not pay for their sin.

They beat you, cursed you, and nailed you to a tree.
Yet You loved them so much and wanted them free.

Your example is clear. I must admit.
You stretched out Your arms and would not quit.

So I ask for the strength to show them Your love
Please help me with power and grace from above.

Let Your spirit flow through me, at least just a little.
Help me reach those that hurt and belittle.