Can Christians View Jesus as a Sexual Being?

I recently had a conversation with a friend over two questions I never gave much thought to: can Christians view Jesus as a sexual being? Is there any possibility that He loved someone (male or female) as more than a friend and colleague?

To give an idea of the people having the conversation: I believe that there isn’t any evidence in God’s Word to even suggest either of these notions, and because of my belief my friend tends to believe that my view stems from a negative view of sex and sexuality. Still, I do not believe in sex being an act with negative spiritual effects if it’s between two people in a God-honored romantic commitment (regardless of gender). While my friend believes in God and believes there’s nothing wrong with sex, he tends to be hard on the traditional Church’s social teachings.

Rev. Turner, what are your thoughts on this subject?


Dear Shurron,

I do not have a good answer to this one or at least a definitive answer. However, it does bring to mind the scripture passage from Titus that says:

“Make clear to them that they are to put themselves under rulers and authorities, to do what they are ordered, to be ready for every good work, To say no evil of any one, not to be fighters, to give way to others, to be gentle in behavior to all. For in the past we were foolish, hard in heart, turned from the true way, servants of evil desires and pleasures, living in bad feeling and envy, hated and hating one another. But when the mercy of God our Savior, and God’s love to us was seen, Not by works of righteousness which we did ourselves, but in the measure of God’s mercy, The Creator gave us salvation, through the washing of the new birth and the giving of new life in the Holy Spirit, Which was given freely through Jesus Christ our Savior; So that, having been given righteousness through grace, we might have a part in the heritage, the hope of eternal life. This is a true saying; and it is my desire that you may give certain witness about these things, so that those who have had faith in God may give attention to good works. These things are good and of profit to all; But have nothing to do with foolish questionings, and lists of generations, and fights and arguments about the law; for they are of no profit and foolish.” Titus 3:1-9

My point is, without being rude — who cares? At least for my part, Jesus’ sex life or lack of written words about it are none of my business, any more than any other person’s sex life is of my concern. My only concern would be that whatever kind of sex is taking place it would be nurturing, uplifting and bring honor and glory to God.

I have never read any where in scripture about Jesus going to the bathroom but you know he did. Was it important to our relationship with God? No. Was Jesus’ sex life important to our relationship to God? No. But, then again, maybe there is something to learn from the silence. Maybe there were some relationships for Jesus personally that were just that between him and that person. Now there is a thought — a private, consensual and personal relationship. Would not the world be better if there were more of them?

God Bless,
Pastor Paul