Defining the Indefinable

There are times when human languages prove to be inadequate, where words are pale in comparison to the idea or thought being conveyed. Describe an apple to a blind man. He knows what an apple is, but has never seen “red,” nor “round” (at least visually), nor has he ever seen the beautiful white apple blossoms as they bloom and silently fall to the ground in anticipation of the coming fruit. We are like that blind man: although we have a concept of God, we really have not “seen” Him, per se.

He is timeless, yet He is always just in time.

He is limitless, yet He often operates within human boundaries.

He is ever-present, yet He makes His home in the hearts of His children.

He presides over an infinite universe, yet has time to listen to the simplest prayer.

He is powerful, yet He has a soft hand.

God is not some “being” who just created the universe and left mankind to strive. He is not a figment of humanity’s imagination. He is not some angry old man just waiting to strike everyone with lightning; yet He is also not some powerless intelligence just trying to discover who He is.

Take comfort in the fact that the God who created everything, including man’s imagination (which can stretch further than the infinite boundaries of the universe itself), is the same God who became human and then sacrificed Himself because He loved us so much! The Bible is not joking when it says, “God is Love.”