He Is Gone

A year ago this past March my partner of 10 years passed on. The time since has been a real rollercoaster ride. Some folks told me that it would be perfectly natural to be angry with him, with God, with the world in general. But somehow anger has not been one of the feelings that I have had. Even now, I will have these enormous feelings and sense of loss and grief that I feel that I can hardly bear, but then something or someone eases my heart and sort of takes my soul by the hand and I know that all is well.

As he was standing at the door,
Looking sort of sheepish, I told him that I Loved him,
He said, I Love you even more.
I told him that I Loved him more than my breath,
He took my face in his hands and said, I know.

Sitting in his favorite chair, I got the call,
Without thinking I had to be there…
They wouldn’t tell me anything, they wouldn’t let me see him,
And the way they talked and laughed, I knew they didn’t really care.
This is my life, this is my Love,
When I could finally see him, they left him alone in there.

Sitting at home with our best friend Mike,
Then Donna and Kathy, Carol Ann, Jan and Judy.
At some time Rev. Bob came and Rick was with him,
I saw them, I cried and Bob held me, I knew all was forgiven.
I cried, was quiet and cried some more,
He is gone, he is gone, he will not hold me again.

With friends all round me, holding my hands, stroking my arms,
Trying their very best to bring light. There were cold cuts,
There was a ham, but the very best part of me, who helped make me into who I am,
He is gone.

As I sat there in his favorite chair, my dear sweet Donna
Stroking what’s left of my hair, her Love and tenderness
She so easily gave, I grabbed her hand and held it and cried,
He is gone.

Then it seemed that it got quiet, folks were talking but I couldn’t hear them,
What I did hear, whether with my ears or heart,
Yes, he is gone. Now I am here.
He is gone, for now and I am here.
The way he took care of you, I’ll do the same,
Yes, my child, he is gone, I am here.