Homosexuals and the Decline in Family Values

I am so sick of people saying that homosexuals are the cause of declining “family values”, what I’d like to know is HOW does that work?

People have a tendency to blame anything and anybody but themselves when things aren’t going the way they think they should go, and the same is true of this increasingly violent and hate-filled finger pointing that’s going on from the self righteous “moral majority”. If children are becoming less respectful, committing major crimes, doing drugs (the list goes on and on), then couldn’t it possibly be because it’s the parents who are at fault? More and more straight people are becoming breeders who keep having children beyond their financial and/or emotional and/or physical and/or marital ability to provide stability, reliability and trust.

The average family these days ranges from the family where both parents works, single parent homes, divorced or separated parents, abusive parents, drug addicted parents, neglectful parents, absent parents… the list goes on and on. The one thing they all seem to have in common is blindness to their own actions and examples.

Parents can tell their children that stealing is bad all they want, but if a parent continues to bring home things “borrowed” from the office or cheating on their taxes (and so on), then the child isn’t going to believe the words “stealing is bad”. In addition, if parents tell children to always tell the truth and then hear the parents tell a million lies (white lies, half truths, evasions, exaggerations, misquotes, gossip, rumor, broken promises) how is the child ever going to believe anything that parents say?

Parents (which I can safely say is an overwhelming percent of them because nobody wants to take a good look at themselves and have to actually do what they preach) who say one thing and do another are the ones who are undermining “family values” by setting poor moral and spiritual examples to their offspring.

The thing that really gets me is that homosexuals aren’t hatched from eggs on far away planets and then migrating to earth, we are all the children of straight parents (although most of them aren’t as straight or as morally perfect as they pretend to be in the public eye). We all come from average human families the same way as all heterosexuals do.

Sometimes I look at people who are physically handicapped (wheel chair bound, paraplegics, Down’s syndrome, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy…) and people who have emotional or mental disabilities and wish that I could of been born like that instead of being born gay because at least then I would be loved and accepted and cared for even though I was obviously different.

I can’t compare being gay to being handicapped you say? Why not? It’s not like I chose to be gay no more than my friend Roger chose to have dead, useless legs, no more than anybody chooses to be born different and have to struggle their whole lives just to overcome the obstacles placed before them in a world made by and for the average, heterosexual, physically/mentally/financially capable, “morally righteous” majority.

Strange how so many of those “righteous” people look so Godly and kind and caring and upright in public, but in the privacy of their homes they are just as morally depraved as any of the “lowlifes” they point fingers at.

My real dad is an evangelical preacher; people like him, they listen to him, they think he’s such a great person. Yet in the privacy of his home he abused my mom, beating her for not having the house perfectly clean or for speaking to any male who wasn’t him and so on. He spent all the money they had on cars and drugs and gambling, he refused to acknowledge his 2 young daughters from a previous marriage and hasn’t tried to contact me since I was 7 (my mom has tried and tried to find him).

My great-uncle; he was an upright citizen, married for over 30 years to the same woman (no children because she couldn’t have them), he was a deacon at the church, he had a beautiful house and a very respectable business, everybody knew him and respected him. Yet in the privacy of his home he sexually molested me and who knows how many other relatives’ children.

I hear and read similar stories all the time of supposedly “morally righteous” and respectable people from all walks of life doing things that are downright evil, and yet nobody is pointing fingers at themselves. Nobody is pointing fingers at other groups just because a few people of those groups have done something horribly bad and yet there is one group that’s being blamed for just about all the evil in the world.

I could say that all ministers are evil because some of them have abused their families, or that all presidents are evil because a few of them have had affairs, or that all dad’s are evil because some of them molest their daughters and sons. (I can go on and on for days with this.) The point is that nobody is perfect and no one group is to blame for all the world’s problems, or even for any part of the world’s problems. The blame is on EVERYBODY because none of us wants to actually live a truly righteous life so we put on the appearance of righteousness, and what better way to do that than to point at somebody who is different from the majority and say “they are the ones who are bad, we’re good.”

If family values are declining then maybe it’s because each generation of parents are teaching children by example less and less about Godliness, spirituality, love, honor, respect, self control, honesty, virtue, consideration, appreciation, self esteem, compassion, commitment, charity, propriety, right from wrong, and so on.