How Can You Continue to Live a Homosexual Lifestyle?

I stumbled across Whosoever while I was researching sexuality for a paper in my Biblical Foundations class. I agree that many fundamentalist Christians are wrong in persecuting Christian gays. If they believe you are sinning though, it is their biblical responsibility to tell you about it. But it should be done in a loving way.

I do believe that a gay can become a Christian, but after that, they should become a new man. I do not understand how a Christian can continue practicing, with no remorse and no desire to change, what the Bible condemns. If you would, please explain how Christian gays can continue living a homosexual lifestyle.


Dear Jason,

“Gay Christians” can continue living a “homosexual lifestyle” because homosexuality is not a lifestyle. It is rather an orientation of one’s sexuality. No one chooses to be homosexual nor do they wake up one morning and say, “Gee, what better lifestyle than that of a homosexual?”

I think far too many people get hung up on the idea of “sexual” in homo and think nothing but sex. However being gay is far more then that. Let me quote my editor, Candace Chellew, in a letter to a family member:

I don’t see my life as a “lifestyle”… especially when it involves my sexual orientation. I would say my “lifestyle” is solid middle class. Small house, rapidly aging car, a TV that was probably made in the early ’80s … a crappy stereo … and a fairly successful career. The fact that the person I seek to spend my life with is another woman really doesn’t have much to do with any of the other parts of my “lifestyle.” You say you can change your lifestyle and become a Therein lies the difference, I think. Neither of us can change our sexual orientation. I don’t see your sexual orientation as part of your “lifestyle.” Your sexual orientation just is … same with me. It impacts my “lifestyle” very little … unless I marry a rich woman …”

I agree with you when one becomes a Christian they become a new person and should attempt to live out a life that “does justice, acts mercifully, and walks humbly with God” [Micah 6:8].

So, my dear child of God, let me ask you, where is the justice in condemning someone for something they do not choose? Where is the mercy in denying those same people job protection, health benefits and the ability to marry and covenant with one another? How is it walking humbly with God to insist to the world that God created sexuality only according to your definition of what is natural and when this definition gets troublesome you simple re-define it so that you continue in the good Christian lifestyle (i.e. women for years were nothing more then property to be used).

You see, I believe Jesus once said, “let the one without sin cast the first stone.” Those who are the most worried about the “homosexual lifestyle” as a sin probably ought not to be casting any stones our way to begin with. It seems to me with adultery, fornication, divorce, lust, and idolatry they have plenty to be concerned about themselves and should leave us GLBT Christians alone. Thank you for you question. Oh, by the way, given all that “heterosexual people” do that is horrible before God, could you please explain how Christian heterosexuals can continue living a straight lifestyle?

God Bless,
Pastor Paul