Letters to the Editor


I’m a Christian teen transgender and I’m questioning my sexuality. I think it’s awesome what you guys are doing. For awhile I was wondering whether I was just a weak sinner giving into Satan. You have given me a way to defend myself from all the Bible quoters that hate what I stand for and confirmation that GOD loves me just the way I am and HE didn’t make a mistake.

I’ve been to many sites that quote how GOD made man and woman and no one else and hated gay people and said we would all burn in the fiery pits of hell. I don’t think I could believe in a GOD like that. The GOD I believe in is all loving and accepting. I just hope that all those people that despise who I am will come to see it as I do.

Thanks for everything, Ian/Chloe



If you will yield to a friendly comment: The word “they” in Romans 1:28 does not refer to gays at all. Paul has just argued for about 10 verses that people who know the LAW, break the LAW. These people are called re-probates because they seek to contest the will of Christ in that they use the LAW to prove themselves and judge others and yet there is no ground upon which they can stand on this issue since they are reprobate, re-probating, that is substituting, their legalism for grace.

Paul only mentions “unnatural” relationships as an example of what legalists end up doing themselves, as the media will bear out of late. By the way, unnatural includes all family relationships gone bad, for example your parents abandoning you because you are gay.

This is just one example of how the self-righteous have twisted the Bible around to suit their own uses. Gays have nothing to apologize for, least wise to the self-righteous.




I love the podcasts.

Thanks for this helpful, uplifting website!




I am a lesbian. I’m almost 19 years old liked your issue on Gay and Christian: Can You Be Both?? I turned away from God for the longest time because I believed “we” weren’t accepted.

I decided to Google the question “Can you be gay/lesbian and a Christian?” and I found your Web site. I read the article in the results and I was amazed. I have always wanted to learn the truth, ya’ll have helped me believe again. Thank you so much.




Thank you for your site. I’ve been fighting against my Christian calling for years, thinking that if there was a god who wouldn’t love me as I am and grant me the way to love someone else as my true companion in life, I wouldn’t want anything to do with such a god.

I’m on my road to finding my spirituality, and your site has helped me to get rid of some of the outright hostility I’ve had towards Christianity and God.

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