Letters to the Editor


Thank you so much for addressing the Bible and homosexuality in clear and concise way. I am taking a moral ethics class and the topic this week is sexual orientation. Your site helped me explain why divine law supports gay marriage.

This is a great Web site for heterosexuals too who support GLBT rights. Your site may even change the minds of people who are against GLBT rights. Keep up the good work.




I want to tell you about Grace Watcher Broadcasting Network, where the best in preaching, singing and testifying of the word of God is played here 24 hours a day. You will hear dynamic messages and devotionals from our founder Minister Paul E. Jones. You will also hear very power and anointed praise and worship music, some Southern gospel and black gospel. It also features many gay Christian artists such as, Justin Ryan, Jason and Demarco, Ray Boltz, Kirk Talley and many others. Sit back and enjoy what God is doing in this ministry. I hope you are blessed listening to the songs that are played here.

Wayne and Paul



I recently stumbled on your blog and I thought your readers might be interested in learning about my film THE GAY MARRIAGE THING. The film presents the politics, the piety, and the people embroiled in and affected by the heated debate over same-sex marriage. Using Massachusetts as a back-drop, we follow one lesbian couple through the political and emotional roller coaster ride of getting their marriage license and planning their wedding while church leaders, citizens and politicians’ voices swirl around them.

THE GAY MARRIAGE THING was made for LGBT people to bring home and watch with their families to aid the sometimes difficult dialog about gay marriage. With California set to make history, one way or another, this November, it’s important that we all continue this conversation with family, friends and co-workers.

It is distributed by The Cinema Guild and is available for purchase and is available for download through TLA Video.




As someone who comes from a conservative Christian background, I must say I am very impressed with your website. I am not yet decided on the issue of homosexuality as right or wrong because I simply don’t know enough about both sides to form an opinion.

I have looked at other websites both for and against the argument for homosexuality, and as a Christian and a scientist I was disappointed in both lines of argument. The Conservative Christian view is that there is no argument with there interpretation of the Bible, and that the argument against homosexuality is there in black and white. The Liberal Christian view is that there is no problem with modern thinking, but instead chooses to discredit the Bible’s accuracy and authority instead. I find both of these views ridiculous in the extreme because neither one of them addresses the issue at hand: Does the Bible condone or condemn homosexuality?

Your site is the first one I have run across that actually addresses this question in a logical non-accusatory fashion. And while arguing your point, you have done it in a way that is respectful and reasonable and follows a methodical and sensible line of debate.

I enjoyed reading your interpretations of the Biblical passages that have been thought to pertain to homosexuality, and I thank you as a fellow Christian, who is undecided on the matter, for presenting an argument free from arrogance, self righteousness, or narrow mindedness. The problem is not God or the Bible, but man’s often times flawed interpretation of the Bible. Christians should always question there beliefs because from questions come answers. And you have taken an in depth look at the Bible.

Thank you for your insightful arguments.




So far I have been shunned and totally excluded from my family, who are all entrenched in hardlined beliefs. I have been searching for a long time to find a group that I could associate with. There are some Christian’s who accept me as a believer – for that is what I hold most dear and true – I AM A BORN AGAIN BELIEVER.

I’ve only just discovered Whosoever, and feel that I am here for another service filled purpose. I want to belong, to have fellowship with non-judgemental people.

Blessings to you all, Miriam