Letters to the Editor


In reading this wonderful article (Becoming a Transcended Christian: An Interview with Author Daniel Helminiak) I found myself smiling because I have been in agreement with what Daniel Helminiak is saying for quite some time now. Within the Catholic Church there is the beginnings of an understanding that all who love and seek for God are the Children of Christ never mind what religion they might be. I find this new understanding to be joyous news indeed and it is my true hope before God that it shall prove to be the seed that grows into a lasting peace between all the nations of mankind.

Daniel Helminiak’s insights into Christ’s passion on the cross at Calvary warmed my heart. Every person is a Child of God and all are worthy of His love.

I am glad that I’ve been gently prodded in the right direction to discover Whosoever. The work you are doing is important and valuable. May many rainbow Children of God be reached by Whosoever and may they find the joy that comes from a true surrender to Christ. I shall remember you in my prayers.

Blessings, Annie X



I’m fairly certain your website just changed my life. I Googled “can you be gay and Christian” and your site came up and right when I clicked it I could feel God telling me that I needed to pay attention and read this.

I have struggled for most of my life trying to decide if I could ignore my sexuality, which I still don’t openly admit to because I’m not sure myself, for the simple fact that I think of myself as a Christian first and anything else second. Your website and the issue on being gay and Christian gave me chills and one passage about promises to gay Christians made me break down and cry because I could feel the truth.

When it said that “if we obey God it doesn’t matter what our sexual orientation is … we have a place in the kingdom of God,” I broke down and cried because I realized it was the truth and that I had been stupid for thinking that my Lord and Savior would send me to Hell despite me believing in Him and His word. Thank you so much for opening my eyes, whenever I work up the courage to figure out who I am and be ok with not hiding it, I hope to be as strong of an influence on people like me as you guys are. Thank you again, so very much.

God bless! John E.



I just discovered your website! I wish I had known about it before! I will be sure to spread the address to all my friends, family and especially to my pastor and church family!

I am touched to see such a ministry from Camden, South Carolina. I was born and raised in Chesterfield County SC, and moved to Charlotte, NC 8 years ago. My heart is often heavy for the people in areas like I grew up in because I NEVER had anyone tell me that God still loved me even though I was gay.

God Bless you one hundred fold.

J. Todd



I am in a bad place tonight and I Googled “people suck.” What I found on your page helped me, so thank you. I have a long way to go.

Peace, Carly



God’s love is unconditional. We, as gays, tend to forget that, what with all the hostility we endure. We tend to turn away. I’m glad I never did. I love God and I know He loves us all. I just wanted to thank you all for reminding me. Keep up the good work.