Letters to the Editor


I’ve been looking at Whosoever and I’m very impressed. It’s so refreshing to see a Christian Web site that promotes love as God’s goal in the world, not heterosexuality.

I’m actually a straight woman, married with a daughter, but I’ve always felt very isolated from the typical Christian churches around me because of my liberal beliefs. That hasn’t been a big deal for most of my life, but having a child has made me want to provide a spiritual base for her and I’m frustrated by the options out there.

I’m glad to know that people like you exist because it gives me hope that I’ll be able to find an open and loving church that will help me to teach my daughter about love and kindness instead of exclusivity and hate.




As a straight Christian, I was curious to read some of your scriptural justifications, and to completely honest, there is some fair (albeit light-weight) exegesis presented here. Not sure I agree 100%, but I’ll say this: I’m glad you’ve presented this here. This day and age, when all we seem to hear about in the press is militant atheism, I’m not going to lose sleep over the issue of Christians and homosexuality. I’d rather have more believers on our side than split hairs over debatable passages.




I am not homosexual nor do I think it is alright, however, I do believe in God’s love. His love transcends all of human attributes. I am a pastor of a small church outside of Birmingham, AL.

My only suggestion is to stop defending yourself. I doubt I can change your mind, and I am sure that you can not change mine. I only ask that each of you truly seek the Holy Spirit and what He has to say. I have so many people ask about drinking, sex, morals, tithing, music, etc, and what belongs in church and in our minds. I have learned to say, “What does the does the TRUE Spirit of God say?” All of us can twist the scriptures to boast ourselves and justify ALL that we do. Only the Holy Spirit can really gives us freedom.




I just came across this Web site through a link from the MCC Web site, and have gained a new perspective on things. The information you provide to the gay brothers and sisters is absolutely beneficial. I myself struggle daily with my sexuality and have found the letters especially, the Seeds of Hope link to be of great assistance to me. Knowing that positive, spiritual outlets are available for the GBLT community is a blessing. Thank you so much for what you do!




As a lesbian Lutheran living in the Midwest, there are very few supportive churches in driving distance and a close-minded community. This Web site is one of my few lifelines to my fellow LGBT Christian brothers and sisters. Thanks!