Letters to the Editor


I feel compelled to write and express my thanks to Candace Chellew for writing the article, Yes it Is, No it Isn’t. Her words spoke right to my soul and I shall be praying on the issues raised. Jesus’ message is written in my heart and that message is to love and to do as he did and let God radiate from us.

Thank you, Candace.

Your sister of Christ, Rebecca



I came across your site because I happened to type in “God forgive me again” into the internet. I was literally asking him for forgiveness for a sin, one I’ve been struggling with for a while. However he doesn’t hate me for committing the sin, but he does hate the sin I do (and is working with me to set me free from it). I truly believe that if I were to try to justify my sin and not acknowledge it, or by arguing that it is the way God made me, I would be going against God’s word.

“Confess and I am faithful” he said. But if I don’t confess and agree with God that my sin is sin I would be at odds with God and where does that leave me? He said “you’ll know the truth and it will set you free,” so, presumably I have to know and acknowledge my sin to be free of it, whether it be stealing, gossiping, adultery or whatever. If I harden my heart and defend the sin, how can God free me of it, because I’m not acknowledging the truth. [I am fearful of God for walking in sin, but not for struggling with it (see Romans.)]

Please consider your position on homosexuality. The Bible is quite clear on the subject as it is on adultery, lust, etc. An adulterer may use the same argument that God created him with an inclination towards many relationships. But that would just be an excuse and certainly wouldn’t appease God on judgment day. In fact this argument could be used by anyone who sins.

“God created me a thief, cheat, …”

“If you love me then you will obey me,” said Jesus, “even if it’s hard and doesn’t fit with what you think you are, or how you think he made you. Jesus loves ‘homosexuals’ as much as murderers, adulterers, liars, but I believe that he hates what they do; he “does not desire that one shall perish”.

He hasn’t called anyone to this, he does not classify anyone by their sin in this way, in fact he has called us to be sons, princes, priests – it’s our inheritance in Christ.

A good church will accept any sinner, but not the sin, just like God, and will look to help the person come into truth and freedom and live out God’s life that he intended for them.

With Love, David Follower of Jesus (UK)

Editor Candace Chellew responds:


Thank you for your letter. You raise many common questions that any GLBT Christian who has been around the block a few times has had to answer at one point or another. I’m happy to give you my take on your view.

First, let me say that I am happy that you have acknowledged the sin in your life. That is certainly an important first step to reconciling yourself with the God that loves us beyond measure. I, too, have acknowledged the sins that I have committed. I have asked God’s forgiveness and have worked to become the person God knows that I can be.

That being said, there is no need for me to ask God to forgive me for being a lesbian. God created me this way and has blessed my life with an abundance of love, grace and mercy. I have encountered the incredible love and presence of God in my life – but only after I had accepted the reality that God has created me just as I am, and has intended for me to live my life as a lesbian and a follower of Christ.

Your letter makes the same fallacious arguments that many who misunderstand homosexuality make. You see us only as “sinners” and not as beloved children of God who are following God’s will for their lives by honoring their God-given sexuality. You see us only as sexual beings and assume that we are “sinning” by expressing ourselves through our sexuality. We commit no such sin as long as our sexual expression takes place within the confines of a loving, committed relationship. Sex outside of a commitment, or sex that uses or abuses another human being is indeed sin – whether it is committed by a gay or a straight person.

You also lump gay and lesbian people in with the likes of adulterers and thieves. I have yet to encounter any adulterer or thief who has argued they were “born this way” and God had intended them to inflict harm on other people. Your argument is ridiculous on its face. It’s hard to take your argument seriously when you compare loving, committed relationships between adults to the actions of thieves and adulterers who intentionally harm other people.

There is absolutely no sin in love, David. I hope and pray that one day that’s a concept you’ll understand.

Blessings, Candace



I thank you for listing the scriptures (used against GLBT Christians). I wrote them down and will follow up on studying them. I have been raised Pentecostal and do understand where it is taught “black and white” and no room for interpretation. I tried to find it where it is mentioned that whoever is blameless to cast the first stone. In my opinion, “judgment is a sin” and we all need to be careful.

Sometimes, I wonder if a minority of people are not judging but feel uncomfortable in accepting homosexuality as okay due to past interpretations of the Bible. Another point, I was told one time that God judges sin equally. If I steal and someone else murders someone, that does not mean my sin is better. It is still sin.

I truthfully do not know what is correct through translations but just have to rely on God to show me insight and give me wisdom to discern what is good for my life and how it affects others. I do know that Satan has tools that quietly take hold of each one of our lives and we need to depend on Jesus to help us each and every day.

Thank you for having the passion to be here that others may understand another point of view. I feel your site is tastefully done and not condemning to those that disagree.

May God bless both of us and show us what we need to see.




I was happy to find this site! I am an email member of Christianlesbians.com. I also found gaychristiannetwork.net informative as well. But this site was like the two put together! I am excited to have another site to be myself and get information and encouragement. Reconciling my faith and sexuality has been easier because of these ministries and I am looking forward to prayerfully considering how God would have me become a part of this or other ministries for the GLBT community. God bless!!




Keep up the good work guys. What God is doing through this online magazine is amazing and I thank Christ for it. I have been recently renewing my walk with Christ. Coming from a Fundamentalist background, I suffered the persecution, accusations and separation from God that many GBLT coming from such backgrounds have faced. But thanks to God, through the GBLT Christian community I have renewed my faith and can say without shame I am a gay Christian man.




I really like this website! I cry sometimes when I read things because it makes me feel included, like I matter and like someone somewhere out there doesn’t hate me.

Thank you for giving me hope.