Letters to the Editor


Thank you for being here. I recently found your website and I’m going to return to it as soon as I have some time. I’m a member of a great PFLAG group and I’m going to continue to support Gay loved ones but I’ve been struggling with my Christian faith in this regard. I’ve taken a helpful workshop on Bible translation issues but sometimes I still need reinforcement.

Sincerely, Marsha



I belong to a conservative church. I love Jesus with all my heart and I am learning to love gay people. I know that God loves gay people deeply, and I think it is great that you are helping gay people improve their relationship with God.

I wanted to send this email to encourage you. I know we serve the same loving God.

God bless you on your journey!




Thank you for the dedication you pour into your online magazine, Whosoever. I found it yesterday and was touched to read through so many theologically compelling, emotionally authentic, substantive and well-written articles.

I happened to come across your web site while researching a sermon message for this Sunday (4/23) on homosexuality. I am a young Southern Baptist minister in Hanover, PA (I read your bio about growing up as a daughter of a SB minister). Honestly, your web site was the first real thing that gave me pause this week. So much of what I read on the other GLBT-Christian sites smacked either of militancy (e.g., bashing of Southern Baptists) or agenda-driven intellectualism (defeating the so-called “clobber passages” of the Bible). Your authenticity and evenhandedness, to be frank, was “scary” to me and my presuppositions. I had to tear myself away (but your site is now bookmarked).

Please keep writing!




Having visited (and quoted!) Whosoever for several years, I thought it was time to write in and say a genuine, heartfelt “thank you” for the resources here. As a “practicing agnostic”, your site is understandable even to people who have not studied the Bible at length, and I appreciate that because, although not all gay people are Christians, they all hear the “anti-gay” Bible passages.

I am also glad for the general message of God’s love, and the idea that gay people do not have to choose between faith and who they are.

Your site has been THE source for knowledge and learning about the “anti-gay” passages in the Bible, and I have used them countless times in discussions. I want to genuinely thank you for departing from what is quickly becoming common, accepted practise in society (hating homosexuals and blaming God for that hate). I am so thankful to have found your site, and I will continue to visit and recommend it to whomever I can!

Best wishes, Sharon



I am a heterosexual who has been accused of homophobia lately. Quite frankly I roll my eyes. A Christian friend has brought your Web site up as proof that God doesn’t hate homosexuals. He doesn’t. I find your view of the scriptures very thought provoking and plan on passing it along to our adult Sunday school teacher, a very open minded professor of theology. We have already discussed and blown a few minds with the “creationism and evolution can they co-exist?” (Many of us think they can to a point.)

Anyway thanks for your thoughts, your interpretations. Christ died for all, not some. Something we all need to remember.

Sincerely, Tracy



Thank you for the article, I’m Just an Old Chunk of Coal (by Candace Chellew in the September/October 2004 issue). I turned on my computer this morning feeling very low. Someone very close to me hit a raw nerve of self esteem this week and I praise God for it. He has shown me I still need a lot of work in an area that saps my self-worth and causes me to feel useless and questioning God’s reason to put me here when I’m no good at anything I try. Well, at least that’s what goes through my head on those difficult moments. Without going into too much personal stuff, let me just say, Thank you. God spoke to me through your words this morning and I know it’s all good. Mostly I try to, “Walk by faith and not by sight,” but lately it’s been hard. I read and ruminate on your articles and know when God wants to reach us, He will – in all manner, not just through the Bible.

I am blessed in so many ways. I’m still, like us all figuring how I can be of service. You know what though, your article this morning helped remind me, the best way of figuring that out is to relax, take a deep breath and get out into the community and God will take it from there.

Thank you, Andy