Letters to the Editor


I could write a long, long speech about how I marvel your Web site and how much it means to me and how it’s affected my faith and beliefs…but I’m lazy. I just truly wanted to thank you for publishing such a professional, intelligent, and profound Web site. Many of my somewhat conservative friends have read the site and through your articles they have realized that being friendly to the GBLT community won’t put you in hell, it won’t condemn you and it won’t make you immoral or trashy by society’s standards. Keeping an open mind, to me, is what God has asked for. God created us to love and to help our neighbors and your website is an explanation of love to the face of fear-filled bigotry.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you 🙂 and God bless.



I would just like to express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful work you are doing. I have been formally dismissed from 3 churches, and am totally isolated from my entire family because I am gay. I am 22 and haven’t spoken to my family in 3 years. You are amazing, and offer such lovely hope in a world that is so cold and condemning. I have just started attending my local Metropolitan Community Church. When people ask me how I can go to a church “like that,” I will simply refer them to your web site, which is now in my favorites. THANK YOU for everything. Keep up the wonderful work!




Thank you for your ministry. You reach us out here in cyberland. Right now you’re reaching Rehoboth Beach, DE. It’s been a rough day and the Lord led me to your site once again. Thank you. I am humbled at how the Lord reaches me even when I try my hardest to shut down. I have no idea where I’m going from here, but it will be a good ride, I have faith. Thank you for helping me re-connect with hope on a rough day.




I wanted to thank you and all those who have researched and studied and write about religious beliefs and are able to back them up with scripture and love. For that I’m thankful.

I’ve spent many years struggling with my faith and in the process have been left lacking a life with God until my life became so unmanageable and unfulfilling that I was left with nothing but to turn to God in prayer and ask him for guidance. This is my only testament needed in that my life has changed because of my will to belong in his service and to commune with God at His Table through my own will to do so. If I seek, I shall find, Right?

I wanted to commend you on your work in serving the need for the GLBT community where faith is lacking due to many of us having been shunned from our churches and homes by the teachings of those people who like to pick and choose or speak from their “being taught” rather than from searching and studying for themselves the scriptures in biblical texts.

In closing, I thank you once again and have noted your publication in my journal entitled – Faith In Living (Being Gay in Living with God).

Sincerely, Derek



I am a woman in my 50s. How I wish such a thing as your welcoming outreach was available when I was a lonely, hurting, isolated, confused girl of 15 in 1965. There was NO ONE then to reach out to, no one to whom I would have DARED to confide, except for one sweet, wise-beyond-her-years straight girlfriend.

I still remember her concise, summary response after I poured out my heart to her, explaining that I was in love with my English teacher, and how no one will ever understand. She answered, “What’s the big deal? Love is love, isn’t it? No matter the packaging it’s housed in!” I think of her answer yet today, many years later.

Thank you, Whosoever, for caring, for reaching out, for being a beacon in the dark nights of an otherwise lonely life, and for reminding us that we have with us always “One who sticks closer than a brother.”