Letters to the Editor


God be with you and thank you for this magazine. I have been encouraged by most of what I have read, brought to tears by some of the pain felt by others from people who call themselves Christians, and have come to the wall on my own relationships.

I have learned more in the last two months from reading the Bible texts you have posted than anywhere else. I have never hated GLBT people even though the Christians in the churches I have attend(ed) do/did, I just couldn’t see Jesus doing that…and to do so would be to hate myself.

I spent my entire youth searching for answers to whether God loved me and if I was made this way. Through years of heart ache and prayer the Holy Spirit finally made it clear: Yes, God loves me just as I am!!! I truly believe He led me to your Web site at this time in my life as I am going through grave times with my partner of 24 years of whom I love with all my heart!!! Keep up all the encouraging words and may God give you wisdom beyond your human understanding.

Love, a devoted reader and prayer partner,




Hi, I am a straight 55 year old Christian woman who has been fighting for gay rights for a number of years now. When my friend who decided it was too hard to be gay, and was terrified of being bashed, married a woman and had kids, then a few years later while coming home from work, was beaten to death by a bunch of drunken guys, not because he was gay, they didn’t even know he was gay, but because he didn’t have a cigarette, I had a meltdown. He conformed, even though I tried to help him be true to himself, and his worst fear came true anyway. I have always defended gays and lesbians, and it hurts me deeply to see the pain they endure.

God bless you, Marion



As much as you may mean well with your justification of homosexuality, I strongly advise you to read Romans chapter 1 and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

God hates homosexuality but the the person. Repentance (changing your mind and turning to God’s ways) will save anyone. But do not be fooled, God is not winking at sin.

Elder Kevin D Britton, Sr.

Editor Candace Chellew responds:


After ten years of publishing Whosoever, I have received many, many letters from people like you who disagree with our interpretation of scripture. Disagreements are fine, but I am always astonished by letters like yours that suggest we “read Romans chapter 1 and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.” Do you think we haven’t? We have an entire section on biblical interpretation – and we do, indeed, include commentary on both of those sections of scripture.

You’re more than welcome to disagree with our interpretation of scripture, but your advice is patronizing and judgmental. We have read both of those sections of scripture. We have put them into their proper context and have concluded that what is condemned is lust – in the case of Romans, and gang rape, in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah. Those are two things we strongly condemn as well.

What is not condemned by either of those scriptures is loving, committed, monogamous relationships between gays and lesbians.

Again, you may disagree, and that is fine. There is certainly room for disagreement among Jesus’ followers. But, to judge us when you know only one thing about us goes against Jesus’ admonition for us to not judge one another. And remember, Jesus tells us that we will be judged with the same severity that we have judged. That, in itself, tempers my penchant for harsh judgments – I would hope it would do the same for you.

Blessings, Rev. Candace Chellew, Editor


Pastor Paul:

I want to thank you. I stumbled upon Whosoever last night as I was doing a search on line for seeds of hope. My website is www.seedsofhope.com, and I wanted to know what else was out there with the same name.

Your writings are beautiful. Thank you for helping so many to stay true to who they are.

I have been connecting with the angelic realm for many, many years, and also have a gift of connecting with loved ones in spirit. I sometimes use this in my healing practice work and though I am not GLBT, I have recently come more out of my “spiritual closet.” I have been “attacked” by fellow Christians and a former Christian pastor (who didn’t attack, but said, Sandy, we don’t want to lose you, and we think you’re teachable…”)

As I read your responses to the letters last night, I was so warmed by your compassion and love. The intent with which I do all my work is love and healing. My prayer before all client sessions and workshops is “God, use me in whatever way, shape or form, to help people, for their highest and best good.”

To me, Jesus was, and is about love, which is the greatest healer of all. That is how I live my life. But it hurts when others are not accepting you as you are, and are judging you for it. And I understand that it is my choice to care or not. I loved in one of your responses, when you said in bold, “I don’t care what you think of me.” Perhaps this is what this experience was trying to teach me.

Anyway, thank you, Paul, for being such a bright light to so many. God bless you, and all those that you touch.

Warmly, Sandy Alemian, Author of Congratulations… It’s an Angel



Bumped into your site by accident and read a compelling and not surprising article entitled Life After Exodus by Thom Cooper.

The title caught my eye as I had once known a woman who had been in the Exodus program as a “recovering Lesbian.” I pray she has been able to accept her gay nature as Thom Cooper spoke of finally doing.

I am a heterosexual Christian single man. I used to attend gay-bashing self-righteous churches, and was frankly suspicious of gays for many years.

But, I believe I have had my mind renewed by the gospel of peace, and have nothing but compassion for my gay brothers and sisters in Christ.

I have come to believe in a much more embracing Gospel, where Jesus loves his entire creation–imagine that!

I fully support the idea that gays who marry should receive all the same legal status that any other married couple do. I further believe that gays should be just as much a part of the church leadership as non-gays.

I have come to this understanding by myself, (and I believe with the spirit and revelation of God). I am recently aware of the pioneering work by a wonderful man of God, Bishop John Spong.

I have faith that during my lifetime the church will see that they are much like the Prodigal’s older brother…very hypocritical, and will stop judging and treating gays like Samaritans.

Most of the church is as apostate, hateful, and self-righteous today as it was in Jesus’ day. I do all I am able to speak love and reason to the insecure Christian heterosexuals I know. I am fortunate to attend a church that reaches out to gays and does not have a call from Satan to bash them.

Best wishes in your efforts to minister grace and reason to a diseased church!

Kind regards, Mark



Thank you for the website. As a gay Christian in the conservative South it was nice to find your website. I have been searching for somewhere that I fit in, and after browsing your site I feel that I do fit in as a gay Christian.

Thanks again, Gary in S.C.