Letters to the Editor


During a web search I found and read an article by Candace Chellew (Daring to be a Heretical Follower of Christ January/February 2002).

I was so taken by the article that I forwarded the link to my Brother and Sister (not a popular move). I did not know at the time that your magazine was a Gay / Lesbian magazine. I am straight, am a follower of Christ and do not attend any Church at this time.

I find that the judgmental bias found in the main stream Church is more than I can swallow. I am continually disappointed in mainstream “so called” Christianity. I listen to the judging and bias and often wonder if these folks actually know Christ at all.

I heard someone once say “I wonder what it will be like in heaven” someone replied “I am not sure, but I think it will be a big surprise” the other asked “what do you mean?” and they said “There will be a lot of people that I thought would be there that won’t and a lot that I thought wouldn’t, that will.”

Keep up the good work, God bless.




Out of all of the gay Christian websites I’ve perused this one has proved to be the most helpful. I’m afraid it’s all I’ve got as a substitute for fellowship as there are no affirming churches where I live and even if there were I’m not sure I would go anyway because I’m slightly introverted and living in the south you tend to get strange looks from people when you tell them you believe God employed evolution as part of His creation, never mind being a lesbian!

Thank you so, so, so, so, so much for this. I can’t thank you enough.




I have bookmarked your site in my web browser! I was directed to this site from Facebook, and I’ve read the parts about Bible and Homosexuality. I’m bisexual, and my wife knows this, but she thinks it is some “choice” that I made and that God would NEVER create a gay/bi person. Honestly, I’ve had an attraction to men as long as I have women, and it wasn’t something I chose to do! As many times as the bible has been translated, it doesn’t surprise me that it has been mistranslated. I fully support this website and what you are doing and I pray for peace and success your way!




I was relieved by the message that God can take my voice of frustration and anger, and that cry will lead to clarity to discover the root of it and draw us close. I was saving my feelings and feeling dishonest to God, which has become a block from experiencing the presence of God’s love. I will go deeper and give my full heart to talk to God. Thank you for the good news.




It’s so funny. Today, I came to that dark place every gay Christian must surely come to. That place when you believe that you and God have become utterly incompatible; that you have no portion in Christ. So I Googled ‘Losing God,’ and stumbled upon [Candace Chellew’s] article (Losing God – March/April 1997) – that has articulated, so beautifully, everything I was feeling. So while I don’t know what God thinks of me, I believe that He is willing to reach out, and I am willing to reach out too. Thanks, guys!