Letters to the Editor


I am often in the position of defending homosexuality among my Christian peers. I always wonder why? Why do they see a difference and why do they feel compelled to use Jesus to back them up on their fear and hate? Why are they so angry? I don’t know. I’m definitely bookmarking your site. Thanks for being here!




I am a happily married heterosexual with a host of friends and relatives who are well adjusted homosexuals. Ran across your site while looking for in depth info on the California trial. This is a terrific ministry and your work undoubtedly brings peace and joy to many who deserve this kind of support. Keep up the great work.




I’m not ashamed to admit that there are really happy tears flowing down my face as I type this. I came across your site looking for answers. I am a straight 19-year-old Christian who desperately wants to end discrimination against the GLBT community, and I figured the best way to help the cause would be to learn more about your struggle. Needless to say, I could have found all my answers within myself! We have both had testing times throughout our short, poignant lives and had it not been for the great Lord Himself, we would not be the people we are today. I stand with you.




I was searching the web for material to teach k-5 Sunday school group about the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I wanted to include that even demons believe in Jesus and I came upon your site. I agree 100% with everything written on the subject and was even surprise to find comfort that somewhere out there someone else understands my own personal struggles. I was even more surprised to discover that the web page I stumbled upon was actually for Gay, Lesbians, etc. which I am not! However, I must thank you for your wisdom shared on this site regarding Christian Gays for I agree with everything mentioned and your site gave me permission to feel comfortable with my belief. God Bless and God speed your way.




This website will do great things for the GLBT community and especially children. You are doing a great thing helping us keep the faith when it’s hard to even keep us alive. Being transgender at 16 is very rough. You get made fun of constantly and teased and laughed at but this site reminds us God still loves us.




Whosoever has really touched my life. Coming out was really hard to do … especially since my religion condemns bisexuality and homosexuality. So, as of late, I have been without a religion and losing sight of God and Christ in my life. It brought me joy to learn of this wonderful magazine and has made my bond with Christ and God stronger than ever before. Thank you!