Letters to the Editor


Great article by Kathy Quinn: The Worst Rejection of All. I will send her an e-mail as well. As a pastor in the church — even at the two Lutheran (ELCA) churches I have served — I have seen many professing Christians reject or ignore others based on some bias, pre-conceived notion, stereotype, assumption or cultural dictate. It is sick, contrary to everything Christ teaches, and embarrassing to God. Unfortunately, we who are responsible (I include myself because I am a part of the whole community, and it is the community that rejects, not just an individual person) rarely see or hear the results of our poor choices and our exclusive actions. Kathy’s article is important for all church leaders — clergy and laity — to hear, no matter what denominational label one bears.

Fortunately, I have also witnessed those moments and acts of acceptance, tolerance, inclusivity, bridge-building, understanding, reconciliation and forgiveness which characterized Jesus’ own actions and teachings — the ones that are supposed to be the signs and symbols of our Christian faith. I have seen eyes opened, hope restored and lives changed by simple gestures of kindness, hospitality and love. I have shared in the excitement and joy when the light bulb comes on, when both the recipient and the giver of those gestures realize they are standing on holy ground, basking in the light of God’s unconditional embrace, sensing that Christ himself is in their midst. At those times, about the only thing one can say is “YES! Praise and thanks to you, God! YES!”

And when those moments happen, even though not as frequently as I would like, it is as if I can hear Jesus whisper across the ages, “Look. Listen. The Kingdom (Reign) of God is near.” (See Mark 1:14-15)

God’s Peace!

Jay Hilbinger

First Lutheran Church

Greensboro, NC



I am a Christian and a lesbian who has been struggling with my sexuality for the last few months. I feel that this is a wonderful site, I know that Gods loves me, but to know that others are struggling with the same problem, lets me know that maybe there is a purpose in my life, and that I don’t have to continue to struggle day in and day out. I dedicated my life to Jesus a few months ago and I feel that God has a special calling for me, and now I don’t have to feel guilty about answering His calling. I know I will probably still have those days where I still may struggle a bit but I know that God’s Love is unconditional and all will work out for those who love the Lord. I will continue to pray for you and your site, I know God has used you in a mighty way to let people, like myself, know that there is hope and even if others don’t understand our struggles, I hope we all learn to love one another the way God loves us.

Much continued success.

God Bless,




I want to let you know how much I appreciate all the time effort that you put into being the editor. It is a wonderful place to come and just be. I also thank God for your passion, and convictions about oppression. You are an awesome woman. Thanks.





I have just finished reading your article Got Grace? in Whosoever. It is one of the best essays on the topic I have read. I would like to use it in my church school class. May I copy it off the site? If you charge a fee for reprints I would be happy to pay. Keep up the good work. In Christ,


Editor Candace Chellew responds:

Karen and all Whosoever readers,

I’m always thrilled when people find any of my writings useful. You’re certainly welcome to copy my articles and use them free of charge in educational surroundings.

For future reference, all material is available for use within churches and other educational settings free of charge. Remember, all rights to articles remain with the authors since Whosoever does not pay for articles it receives. The email addresses of each author are included at the top of each article. Click on their names to send them email. If you wish to use any writings found here at Whosoever, please contact the author of each article individually.

I’m always gratified to hear that the articles posted here have been a blessing to people. We’re here to be used as an educational resource!





Just a quick e-mail to say thanks!

For years I have struggled with homosexuality and Christianity – never thinking that God accepted homosexuality, or me.

After reading your site, and the biblical passages I realised that homosexuality was O.K. This changed my view of God, from being a harsh, judgemental, dictator, to a loving father who accepts me as I am – whether gay or straight.






My name is Danelle and I am 19. I used to be a very devoted Christian and my relationship with God was so amazing. . . but through high school as I struggled with my feelings for the same-sex. . . I began to lose what I had with God. I felt like I was horrible. . . my friends that I shared my feelings with told me I had to change if I wanted to go to Heaven. . . . constantly I heard homosexuals condemned by the church. . . . and when my parents found out about my feelings for the same sex I felt even worse due to their responses. Seeing how “Christians” acted towards my situation made me feel a resentment towards any religion. . . and I grew apart from God – but the whole time I missed my relationship with Him – but I felt I couldn’t have it again unless I were to change. Today I came across Whosoever. . . and I think it is what I have been needing to help me get back to where I was with God. I can’t begin to tell you how much it means to me to hear that I am not horrible or condemned to hell because of how I feel. . . . I wish I could say everything that I feel. . .but I don’t know how to put it in words.. . . all I know to say is THANK YOU!!!!

What you are doing is such a blessing to so many people. . .

Thank you again! Take care & God bless!

Love in Christ,