Letters to the Editor


I just found your webpage and am tickled that we’re waking up all over the place. Just the other day I said to an old Christian friend: “No one is going to take my God away from me!” Thanks for pursuing this good work,

— Barbara Braithwaite



I have been helped so much by Whosoever. I just can’t thank you enough. I have gotten to the point of refusing to call myself a Christian, because I certainly didn’t want to be the way “they” are. I have tried to keep a relationship with my God, but is is increasingly difficult with all the negative attitudes that abound with these so-called “Christians.” I have been greatly comforted by your thoughts and words, and recommend this site to anyone who needs to be uplifted.

The latest issue of PEOPLE magazine (December 14) has a letter to the editor from someone answering a letter about the hate-mongers who were present at the service for Matthew Shepard. This person cites Leviticus 20:13 and maintains it is God’s law. I am trying not to let anger take hold of me when I hear these people using selected passages from an ancient time to condemn those of us who are living full, loving lives. Thank you for helping me keep God in my life.

Keep up the good work. Share the Good News. May you be blessed in all you do.

In God’s Love,

— Richard Affolter



I stumbled across your web site while doing a search for other information. Praise God for what you are doing! As the sister of a lesbian seminary student and a member of University Baptist Church in Austin, Texas, it does my heart good to see Christian organizations putting the “word” out on the web that God’s love reaches everyone not just who the Christian Coalition and the Religious Right think should receive it. You will remain in my prayers

— Jeanne Rankin

Austin, Texas



I find your article Making Prank Calls To God very enlightening and inspiriational! It made me think of how I myself was making “prank calls” rather than listening and how prayer is 20 percent talking and 80 percent listening or something like that! The thing is, I still have trouble understanding how to ‘listen’ and have yet to fully grasp the concept/ability to do so.


— Mike T.



I came across your web page by “accident” (it had to be a God thing!) this morning. The first issue I read was the September/October 1996 one entitled Gay and Christian, Can You be Both? While reading the articles, God’s love and peace came on me in a way I haven’t felt in a long time. In every line I could “hear” God telling me how much He loved me, how much He’s always loved me. He will never leave nor forsake me. Words can not express the joy that’s replaced the turmoil. I have a renewed hope that no matter what may come my way, God is with me.

Thank you for sharing what God obviously puts in your heart to share. I will lift you up in prayer every chance I get. I have read most all the issues to date and look forward to future issues.

God Bless You,

— Jim Nelms



Your website is touching and loving and I am uplifted and ecstatic to know that God has created you and everything you stand for. Although I myself am not homosexual, I found your site to be all-welcoming and all-loving. I guess that’s why you call it Whosoever. I’m not even a Christian and I was touched. I’m so glad I just happened to stumble upon it — there are so many anti-homosexuality web pages I’m surprised I found yours in the mix!

Yours truly,

— Warinda



Just want to let you know that your publication is wonderful! I am a “straight but not narrow” Christian who shares your beliefs. I believe you know the truth and are speaking it and I believe that God will honor you. Keep up the good work!

— Laura



Congratulations on a terrific web site. I was especially impressed with your opening page and the wide array of information and sources you make available to visitors. I really liked your choice of featured books — I particularly admire John Shelby Spong. I was also intrigued by the articles on your site. I very much enjoyed Candace Chellew’s The Power of Honest Prayer.

I am an author, speaker, and an Episcopal minister and share your views on faith, “in that whosoever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life,” — and I stress as you do, whosoever. From what I have read on your site, it appears that we share similar philosophies. I too have a web site and I invite you to visit it. Please be aware that the site is currently in the process of being reworked and updated.

— Bil Aulenbach