Letters to the Editor


I just wanted to thank you for having this Web site. I was raised in a Christian house and struggled with my faith as a gay person and was rejected by my church and family right out of high school. I was very bitter with God and religion as a whole for nearly 15 years now. I recently found you website and from there found an affirming church that has been completely awesome. I have re-dedicated my life to Christ a few weeks ago.

Thanks, Jeremy



Thank you so much for having the courage to stand up for our faith. As a lesbian, I went to Bible College but was just taught there that I couldn’t have a loving relationship with a woman. I might have the desires, but they were to be denied.

I have spent the last 10 years in a very loving relationship and my girlfriend and I got married recently, but I felt in all this time that I had to abandon my faith (and was extremely distraught to do so, and have suffered from it). Coming across your teachings has brought me back to God, and given me my faith that I have always had, and has allowed me to ‘return’ to God. I always knew deep down that this was right.

Thank you very much for restoring my faith, not only in God, but in humans!! You are an inspiration. I had to write (I don’t normally!) to give you encouragement for all the persecution that you’ve received standing up for the rest of us! God bless.




I like your Web site. I’m currently reading Bulletproof Faith: A Spiritual Survival Guide for Gay and Lesbian Christians (by Whosoever’s founder and editor Candace Chellew). It’s very insightful and full of very good advice and new ways of looking at things.

This Web site is full of positive and very interesting subjects and articles. I could go on and on about experiences, but I’ll just say that I’m trying to be that change that I want to see happen. 🙂

Peace be with you.




I am the faculty advisor for the Gay-Straight Alliance at Northwest Mississippi Community College. I just found your magazine, but I have already recommended it to my students via our Facebook group.

Many of our club members are members of the Southern Baptist Church and they are struggling with rejection. As a United Methodist, I feel that my church is more accepting, but it still has a long way to go.

Thank you so much for your online mag. I plan to discuss it with the students at our first meeting this fall. Finally – acceptance!!!




I want to thank you for your encouraging site. You have given me hope again. Hope and faith in God that I did not think I could have in God because the religious way I grew up said I could not be a good Christian and be a lesbian.

I just wanted to say I am praying for you and your site, that you continue to reach out to hurting GLBT’s and that those who oppose us will some day see the light.