Letters to the Editor


[This magazine] is a breath of fresh air. A much needed Christian magazine for LBGT persons on the internet. So much is not as worthy or as enriching. Thanks for the work it takes to make this a success. Great authors and books reviewed.

— Twila C.



I’m still investagating the site , but I like all I have seen so far. I shall encourage others in my church, and in my life, that are Gay, Lesbian, or Transsexual (like myself) or transgender to check your site out. All my best.

In our Lord’s name bless you and keep up the good work.

— Beth W.



[Whosoever] has a positive message for Gay Chrisitans. I would like to say thank you for working so hard to spread God’s love to His community!

I would like to see more in general about relationships with God and less focus on our homosexuality. We as a people need to learn to focus on the important part of our relationships with God. Acceptance is an important step for any Gay Christian but we cannot get stuck in a mode of worship that focuses exclusively on our sexuality, yes we are sexual but we are so much more too. — Matthew B.



[Whosoever] is writen very well. It has a very nice and non agressive arguement, I just wish all “gay Christians” could have that same non-agressive attitude.

I still do not agree the homosexuality is of God. You can twist the scripture anyway you want and cover it up with other explanations but I feel that it is still not the way God had intended us to live.

I love you just as any other person and that is why I write this. I have come across a lot of hostile gays and I try to be nice yet upfront. I always use tenderness in my veiws and give others to explain as well. But many are very agressive to me. All I want to do is to show my love for them as well as my concern.

— Andre



I like the hope Whosoever gives me. I’ve not come out yet, and am wrestling with what I ought to do. This site helps keep me convinced that God loves me, and If I fall, it only means I’m human, not that I’m going to hell. I really appreciate what you have here.

— Wayne



I just found your web site and it is what I have been searching for. I am 38 and gay and have been struggling with “how can I be a Christian if I’m gay” for several years. I tried to conform and lead a straight lifestyle for many years but it just did not work. I cannot force myself to be something I am not. Hopefully here, I can find something that will help me come to terms with all of the negativity that has been placed on the gay community (largely in part by the christian right). — Charlie D.



I just wanted to, drop this note to you saying, it must have been God’s grace that called you to post such a wonderful site. The love of Jesus not only lives here, but also In the hearts of every one who belives in our king Jesus Christ. I know that I don’t have to be ashamed of what I am. God made me a transsexual female. I know also, that he wanted me to be a lesbian, something that’s hard for the right wing fundies to understand. I pray that, God has, mercy on those who can’t lay down their hate for us. Keep up the good work, and God’s work.

— Elizabeth C



Thank you for this site. I have been trying to visit it everyday to read your Devotional Journal or something else to inspire me through the day. As a lesbian Christian who discovered just over a year ago that God didn’t desert me but I deserted him it has been helpful.

Sometimes I still doubt that it is ok to be who I am and be Christian, but through finding a great church where I feel comfortable, the new friends I have found there and things like this site it gets easier. I hope other people who are struggling with this find your site.

Thank you again and God Bless.

— Vicky



I’ve stumbled across your Whosoever web magazine while browsing on the web tonight, and just wanted to thank and encourage you for your ministry to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals. Although I might not agree with all of the views presented on your magazine, I’m convinced that God’s love for us encompasses the gay community as well, and as the Bible says, whosoever believes will not perish but have everlasting life.

Although I’m not gay or lesbian, I’ve found the articles on your magazine to be very enlightening, helpful in understanding what it means to be Christian and gay, and how God’s love for us surpasses human boundaries. I hope you’ll continue to be blessed in your work with Whosoever, and that your ministry will continue to glorify our God and Savior.

God bless,

— Jim C.