Letters to the Editor


Even though the title of the article, Coming Out Without Coming On Too Strong, lead me to expect something different, I must applaud Candace Chellew. I, too have always been uncomfortable with the hollowness of a fanatically professed faith that displays no outward evidence. Words are cheap and easy to use. Faith exacts a deeper price. To verbally express thanks and praise to God is much easier than living your thanks and praise. God’s name used as a tool to appear faithful when you are not is as vain and crude as cursing.

My prayer is that the we will all see Falwell, Robertson and the like as they really are-politicians. They use the sacred to gain power, influence, and wealth. Sadly, they have a certain amount of success. Our only hope as Christians, no matter what orientation, is to shine the true light of the Good News. We must continue to pray, and study God’s Word in our search of creative ways to do this great work.

We have what seems a mountain of lies to fight. These lies have been used before. The fear of lost wealth, jobs and family have been used against anyone in this country who is not straight, white, male and Protestant. We are learning what “faith of a mustard seed” really means as we face these fears used as weapons against us.

May the Light of Christ shine from us as a greater testament of the great, infinite Love and Justice of God.

— C. Wheeler



In November I had my first conversation with my 37 year old son about his being gay; he had not brought it up but has owned a home with his partner for 2 years. It’s hard to put into words the experience of coming to know — for the first time — the wholeness of one’s son. He was 21 before he spoke to anyone about his orientation, but he says he knew as a young child. Last week I visited an MCC church, and my experience there was extremely powerful and loving. As evidenced by my visit to this site, I am trying to learn.

— Sherry C.



I love the fact that the message that God Loves his Gay and Lesbian Children just the way that we are is preached LOUD and CLEAR here. Keep up God’s Work..It needs to be done. — Martha H.



It’s just great to know that there are healthy individuals who believe in the basics of Christianity and who are still confident in their sexual orientation. People who know that God loves us and created us to be who we are!! Thank you for taking the time to put this information on the net!!

— Shannon



I like the fact that you are actually quoting Jesus and a Bible that I know, one that I love and one that I have grown to trust. I love the fact that you accept me for who and what I am. I am a fallen away Christian because my overwhelming guilt would not let me walk into a church. I felt so alone, and so far from God that I could not talk to Him or Consult him like I did when I was in denial.

I was close to tears when I was reading your references to Scripture and to Jesus and God… It’s been too long and I have been too far from Him to really enjoy the wonder of a good relationship with Him. I do love God dearly and am glad I found your site.

— Pete



There are many scriptures in the Bible that talk about “unnatural uses” being an “abomination to God”. No one is born gay or lesbian! I believe most probably had a sexual abuse or encounter as a child or young person that gave them physical pleasure and therefore made them believe they were gay. — Ms. Lay



I like the fact that “Whosoever” exists. Even in MCC there are too many people who still believe the lie that God hates them and their “lifestyle”. Overcoming oppression is a terribly difficult thing to do. Your magazine is a great help to those who need it desperately. God’s blessings to you. — Merrilee S.



I’ve read your articles in Whosoever. I was surprised to find that many of the articles presented thoughts that I share and believe, a pleasant suprise. Your articles, including “Gay Morality,” are thought provoking, and spirit provoking.

I’ve read the “true” translations of the scriptures dealing with sex, “what the Bible really says about (homosexuality, heterosexuality…)” After reading them, and comparing them and praying about me and them, it seems to me that I want homosexuality and premarital sex to be pleasing to God. But it isn’t. I call myself a Christian, a disciple of Christ. Therefore, I must be obedient to Him. I must yield my desire, my will to His. I must do my best to follow Him and obey His commands. We, who believe Him and have called on Him to redeem us with His grace, His mercy, His blood, must accept Him. Deny ourselves, and accept Him. “Goodbye to me (Bob Carlise, I think)” and hello to Christ — -daily.

Your brother in Christ,

— Ben