Letters to the Editor


The first thing I want to say is thank you!! I have been searching for someone who understands or who could maybe put my thoughts into words. I just browsed your online magazine, but I plan on reading it in depth. I have already saved it to my favorites.

I am just in awe that finally someone believes just as I do that the voice of God can speak thru me and I am not an abomination. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You will never know what kind of weight you have lifted from my shoulders!




I have recently returned to God in the last 18 months and it’s not been easy. I’ve made it pretty damn hard, but I keep learning and keep confronting those aspects of myself that aren’t so great, and it’s good, and I thank God for making me a better man despite my tendency to kick, scream, bite, scratch, yell, punch, freak out and whinge.

Of late my struggle has been “how do I keep God at the center of my life?”

No one has been able to answer that question for me and while I’ve struggled to find understanding nothing I’ve reasoned out, nothing I’ve stumbled across, has helped me as much as this issue [Keeping God at the Center of Your Life].

Right now, for me, YOU are a God-send and I thank you with all of my heart. Your words definitely glorified God, and now they’re helping me to get a handle on glorifying Him too.




Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am a 24 year old Christian who just discovered that I am a lesbian. I recently entered a relationship with someone I love very much and it killed me to be so happy and feel so much guilt all at the same time. I stopped going to church and basically felt destined for hell.

I want to come out to my parents and the thought terrifies me, I needed strength so I did a search and the article by Olivia Rousseau “An Open Letter to Homophobic Christian Parents“(Volume 4: Issue 4 January/February 2000) came up. I cried, never have I read something that rang so true to me and made me feel so relieved. I realized that God hadn’t abandoned me or forsaken me and that he wasn’t telling me, all though everyone else had, that I was destined for hell. He loved me simply because I was his and my sexual orientation or who I chose to love didn’t change that.

Thank you for offering me a beacon of hope, a place where I can be reassured that I am his and he loves me. You’ve also given me a basis to defend my faith, in my sexuality, with.

Thank you, Chesere



What the Bible says about Homosexuality was used for an in-depth discussion tonight in my home with my family and not only helped with our understanding but has filled me with hope and answered many questions that had been worrying me.

Many thanks, Stuart



This is my first experience with Whosoever. I have been exploring searching for information to help myself with understanding of who and what I am. I found the article by Patricia Nell Warren on Berdaches very helpful and informative. I am a transgendered male or genderqueer if you like and I have only recently come to this understanding. I have had much difficulty dealing with being myself because most people do not understand or care to understand me and therefore are intolerable of my difference. I have been wrestling with a safe way to express my true self, but as yet have not found the answer.

I agree with Patricia when she concluded that two-spirit people are perhaps more human than others because this is the conclusion I have come to myself about myself. I don’t know why God chose me to be two-spirits in one in this reality, but I’m trying to make the most of it.