Letters to the Editor


God bless you! I wish there could be a way to make your website a mandatory read for all heteros!




I am just about to finish reading Bulletproof Faith: A Spiritual Survival Guide for Gay and Lesbian Christians and wanted to thank you, Candace, for writing this deeply inspirational book. You have a splendid talent for chasing words into sentences! I am forever grateful for your book and want you to know that I am now on my way to obtaining a bulletproof faith. God speed and safety in all that you do in His service! “Thank you” is what I say, right!?




Homosexuality and the Bible is a difficult theological issue, no question. I am only writing to encourage tolerance for people on various sides of the issue; for just as the Roman Catholic Church cannot convince you that they have a definitive argument, hopefully you realize that your arguments are no more definitive. To say, “We all agree that nowhere in the Bible are same-sex committed and loving relationships condemned. It’s just not there. Instead, the Bible holds much joy, comfort and love for GLBT Christians willing to wade into its pages and hear the loving voice of God,” is to present a non-argument; for while the Bible does not directly condemn such homosexual couples, neither does it acknowledge they exist.

I bring this up because the conclusion of your argument seems to be that your position is more loving and more in line with God than that of the Roman Catholic Church. Rather, I would encourage a tone where those on various sides of this issue put forth their belief without disparaging others’ beliefs.

Thank you for consideration of my opinion.




I want to thank you for your encouraging site. You have given me hope again. Hope and faith in God that I did not think I could have in God because the religious way I grew up said I could not be a good Christian and be a lesbian. I just wanted to say I am praying for you and your site, that you continue to reach out to hurting GLBT’s and that those who appose us will some day see the light.




I’m so glad to find an on-line community for gay Christians! Like most other QLGBTI people, I was shamed away from Christ and the church and I’m very happy that I’ve decided to follow Jesus regardless of what other misguided Christians might say. I really like the news feed, prayer requests and responses to perceived anti-gay scripture page. I believe I may have a calling to minister to others, particularly the gay community, in returning to our Lord Jesus and healing our spiritual wounds. Thanks!