Marriage Equality Support on the Rise

Despite the ridiculous fear mongering of those opposed to marriage equality for same-gender partners, the population at large gets it. A new NY Times/CBS poll shows the highest support yet for marriage equality – 42 percent now support it, up from just 33 percent last month:

Twenty-eight percent say same sex couples should have no legal recognition — down from 35 percent in March — while 25 percent support civil unions, but not marriage, for gay couples.

As has historically been the case on this issue, liberals are more likely to support same sex marriage. Sixty-nine percent support the idea, while conservatives generally favor either civil unions (28 percent) or no legal recognition (44 percent).

That means 67 percent support either marriage equality or civil unions for LGBT people. If that doesn’t denote a tipping point on this issue, I’m not sure what will! Great news!