My Family Doesn’t Understand!

My name is Octavio. I am from a religious family. I’m 26 years old. Been noticed about myself being (gay) since 8 years old. I always felt attracted to males. I was always telling myself: There is something wrong with me, I should not have these feelings.

Make the story short. I just came out to my sisters. They are in shock with the news. One of my sisters are completely not accepting me as who I am. I don’t know what to do pastor. I believe in GOD the creator of heaven and earth, I believe he died for our sins.

what can I do, to have them (family) accept me? I cannot change myself for loving the same gender. I am a fruit of GOD.

Please help me through this.

Dear Octavio,

First let me say to you that you are a wonderful child of God. Since you came out nothing has changed except you have been honest with those around you. God made you as you are and that is good.

I am sorry your sisters don’t seem to understand and are in shock. The shock generally comes from the denial of homosexuality in general.

There is not much you can do to change your sisters’ minds except be truthful and honest about who you are. Live your life as one who believes in God and does what God requires: “doing justice, acting mercifully and walking humbly with God.”

You can give them reading material, point them to different websites, but most of all keep talking with them. Give them a chance to see the brother they always knew has not changed, just become more honest. Find avenues of support for you so you don’t feel alone and or weak and begin to pretend to be something you are not.

Also keep praying for their understanding. I can tell you from personal experience that God will touch them and things will change. In the case of my family it took almost 20 years but it happen just as it will happen for you. Be strong. We are here for you, praying that God will comfort you, give you peace and courage to continue to be truthful about yourself and God’s beautiful creation!

God Bless,
Pastor Paul