My Life Lacks Direction

I’m in need of some guidance and counseling, I feel like my life is without direction, happiness and peace. First of all let me assure you that I am Saved by the Holy Spirit and Have accepted the gift from God of Jesus who died on the cross for my sins. I’m a 55 year old gay male. I do long so for someone in my life to love and to be loved. I feel so very lonely, and I’ve decided that I should move to a different area of the country to try and find a purpose and start a new life where there might be more men for me to meet. Along with this I would like to have a new career. I’ve prayed to God for direction and guidance.. but don’t seem to be able to hear any answers. Today, I wanted to read the Bible, hopefully to find some answers and to quell the angst that is inside me. I couldn’t seem to settle and what or where to read. Can you give me some guidance?

I do thank you!

Dear Arlie,

I am curious as to why you think you should go to another part of the country. In my experience “geographical cures” usually don’t work and in some cases court real trouble.

Finding purpose can be a very difficult time indeed, especially when we are looking for the purpose with lonely, “life reflective” eyes.

I recognize that the area where you live is not a large “gay area”, however, I would sit still for a moment and listen to the “quiet still voice of God.” I say this because it looks to me and feels like at 55 you want to throw out everything and start over — why?

You say that you are saved, then begin to see your life through serving the God you love and who loves you unconditionally. You are asking God for direction in your life, but are you asking God what you can do to serve God? If you ask that question the answers from God will tell you if you need to move or not and will bring people into your life that you might otherwise have never met.

When I am feeling like you I always find myself going back to the Gospel of Matthew. I find God’s direction there every time. Give it a try, my dear child of God.

God Bless,
Pastor Paul