No Compromise

No compromise is a popular phrase in some Christian circles. The people that use this phrase usually mean that moral people should not rationalize around their principles to do what they want to do. Many times the same people use this phrase to justify shunning homosexuals. They feel that it would be like condoning homosexuality if they were to: invite a homosexual person to their home, invite a homosexual out for a meal, see a movie with a gay couple, or do anything beyond what civility requires.

Here is a situation from my own personal experience. My mother’s wedding was fast approaching and I did not have transportation to get to the ceremony. A friend of mine (who happens to be gay) offered to drive me to the wedding and come back to get me afterwards. Mom was happy that I had transportation until she asked who was bringing me. I told her it was a friend I knew from school. She then asked if it was a gay friend; and not wanting to lie to her, I said yes. After a tirade of several minutes about how she did not want me to ride with this friend under any circumstances, she said that she would find someone to bring me. We dropped the wedding discussion at that point.

I then asked her if a homosexual person was welcome in her home. She said they would only be welcome for the purpose of repenting of homosexuality and committing their life to the Lord. I had only just come out to her about six months previously and this was our first discussion of the topic since I had told her I am gay. I told her that because she stated that a gay person would only be welcome in her house for one purpose; I would be not feel welcome in her house any more.

Should we be treated like lepers by our fellow Christians and family members? I do not believe it’s what Jesus would do. When the Lord was asked what is the greatest commandment, He talked about loving God with all your heart and mind and strength. Then He talked about loving your neighbor as yourself. He only put one condition on that statement. Love people the same way you love yourself. That’s all! In fact, Jesus never said anything at all about homosexuality.

That leads me to ask this question. Why are so many Christians today concerned with what goes on in a person’s bedroom if the Lord wasn’t? It would seem that the real thing being compromised is the commandment to love. To bring this all together; I would suggest that the center of spirituality is to love God with all your heart, mind and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself. These love commandments are the things about which there should be no compromise.