No Small Task

Do you think that small incidents are of no concern to God? Think about the time Jesus needed tax money and he told Peter to go to the sea and cast out a hook and the first fish he caught, open its mouth, and there would be a shekel, and it happened. Jesus said your Parent knows when a sparrow falls and the hairs on your head are all numbered (Mt. 10:29). The timing of God reaches from before the beginning of time to all eternity measuring out our lives and making ready the coming and then the second coming of Christ. Included in this timing of history is attention to the smallest details.

My point is that we are GLBT people of faith, people of faith period, who worship a wonderful God – our life and the time of our lives are in God’s hand. We become more thankful for that as we move and live according to God’s timing. Our life is different from that moment of thankfulness to God. Our faith grows through stress, strain and struggle as we live the Christian life. Change is a challenge and under duress we learn to change. But notice that I speak about coping as human. I speak humanly but our trust in God can make all the difference.

Regardless of what happens in the world there is still the strength, power and might of God. In our world nations are in an uproar and we seem to be falling apart. But as Christians we don’t have to be held in the grip of this uproar. We can stand steadfast because God is our strength and because Jesus is the I Am. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. And as Christians we stand strong in the faith and commitment that we have in Jesus.

Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” There are three truths we can draw from this Psalm. God is always near and available to us.

God never puts us on hold. We may be on hold on the telephone, on hold at the red light, on hold at the bank, on hold in the post office line, and on hold in the line at the supermarket. But God is always available and ready to hear us whenever we speak. Some of our problems may be superficial, but others are deep and God can help us.

God’s help works even when we can’t help ourselves. Ever feel weak? Did you feel like there are too many stresses and you’re about ready to explode? God’s help is available and all you have to do is reach out for it.

If you’re not familiar with God, read the Psalms and know that there have always been challenging times for all people. King David knew the stress and failures of his life. The Psalms reflect much of our lives. You are not alone in stress. King David was not alone. Realize that God is ever available and all you need do is accept the love.

We try to compartmentalize our lives. We think we do that very well. But God does not put our life into compartments. There is no distinction between the different areas of our lives. God has a purpose for our life, period. Sadly, many of us don’t have any idea what our purpose is about.

Today we seem to find humanity centered on fulfillment of self. Think about it, to “have a good time” in our society almost always means to go out and “enjoy yourself.” Not enjoy God, but yourself! Not enjoy time with others, but yourself. We are a self-centered bunch aren’t we?

We can take delight in a living relationship with God. This is the secret of Christian joy. The goal of the Christian life is not to enjoy ourselves, but to enjoy God. This is what brings deeper joy. For the Christian, well-being in life comes from their connection to the source of life. As a believer, we are connected to God and therefore blessed by him.

The blessed life is described as a tree planted by a stream. It is a fruitful tree which provides shade to all who come under it. What robs us of our Christian joy? Most often it is listening to the lies of the world around us. Have we given credit to the advice of the world or to the voice of God? People who are open to Christ and willing to follow God’s instruction, no matter the cost, are like trees transplanted beside a life giving stream. They are never without a resource to sustain their lives under any circumstance.

People who trust God have discovered the resource for sustaining their lives. They are experiencing life the way it was meant to be. On the surface it may look like the world is falling down around our ears, on the other hand, the believer is blessed with all blessing.

Jesus promised that his followers would be blessed, despite what trouble the world throws at them. There’s something appealing about that kind of blessing. It’s refreshing in the face of the world’s view of success.