Rev. Candace Chellew, Editor Emeritus

A recovering Southern Baptist born in 1965 as the grand finale of five children to a Southern Baptist minister and his wife, Whosoever founder Rev. Candace Chellew comes by her need for recovery honestly.

Rev. Chellew literally grew up in the church, playing with her G.I. Joe dolls and Tonka trucks in the sanctuary aisles. Her family was still shocked when she came out as a lesbian years later, despite the obvious clues.

She gave up her faith at age 17, about the same time she entered a career in journalism that would span some 25 years (including a six-year stint at CNN in Atlanta), but despite the allegations of some conservative pundits, the media was not to blame for making her Godless for a brief few years. Instead, Rev. Chellew did what so many gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people do – she believed the lie that she couldn’t be both a lesbian and a Christian.

She returned to the church in her early 20s, kicking and screaming, at the insistence of her first girlfriend. She describes her first service at a Metropolitan Community Church in Atlanta, Georgia as “coming home.”

Rev. Chellew entered seminary in 1998, a couple of years after she founded Whosoever. The magazine had drawn the attention of many in opposition to GLBT equality in church and society and she sought the tools to answer her critics. What she discovered in seminary was a whole new way to approach the question of homosexuality, gender identity and spirituality and a new way to answer critics that was a lot less stressful.

Rev. Chellew graduated from the Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia in 2002 with a Master of Theological Studies degree. She was ordained in 2003 by Gentle Spirit Christian Church in Atlanta, Georgia. In July 2004, she became assistant pastor at Garden of Grace United Church of Christ in Columbia, South Carolina (what was then MCC Columbia). In 2007, she was licensed as a United Church of Christ minister and became associate pastor at Garden of Grace. She is also a spiritual director, trained through the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta.

She is now leading Jubilee! Circle – an intentional, progressive, inclusive, community of faith in Columbia, S.C.

She was an original co-host of Rainbow Radio when it began in 2005. Rainbow Radio is the first radio show for GLBT people in South Carolina, and continues to remain on the air.