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Transgenderism and Religious Narratives

National Public Radio recently aired a series on children who suffer from what some psychologists call a gender identity disorder, also known as transgenderism. The children believe they have been born into the wrong biological body. It is not that the child wants to “become”

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Being Transgender: From Punchline to Mainline

Listen to the podcast interview When it comes to transgender people and their issues, the media tends to portray them as either prostitutes or punchlines. Author and speaker Vanessa Sheridan believes being they are neither. Instead, for her, being transgender is a gift. “There was

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Honduran Transgender Woman Wins Asylum

Dulce (not her real name) grew up in the macho culture of Honduras knowing that she was “different.” From the time she was a little boy, she wanted to dress as a woman and had no interest in male games or activities. She suffered constant

Dove flying in Lisbon, Portugal

A Transgender Search for a Church Home

Like many transgender persons, I knew something was different about me at an early age. My feelings and my attitudes were more feminine than masculine, and I was more at ease doing things like horticulture and artwork than playing football or other “boys” activities. My