So Great a Crowd of Witnesses

I have watched God take Her love
and squeeze it through a surgeon’s
precise line of vision
to save the heartbeat of a strait
who would probably vomit
to know a Lesbian operated.

I have heard God distill His grandeur
through a Brother’s gay fingers
opening organ pipes in dark
ecclesiastical corners
to make even tired adulterers
tremble at the glory of the Queandom.

I have watched God twinkle
in the eye of a teacher
seducing bored minds
away from sitcoms and comics
into Native Son or a Renoir nude,
only to have God laughed at
when the student ossifies to say,
“Teacher was a harmless bit queer!”

And I have seen God grow bald,
don a wig and sequined gown,
and cruise the streets,
even of small towns,
laughing joyfully to be God,
to understand creation,
to wait out
the slow drainage of stupidity.