Surrounded by Light

The heart and mind find peace and harmony by prayer and meditation of your true self as supreme light.

All people and spiritual groups have talked about the phenomena of light as it related to our spiritual being, Holy One or perhaps a mystical experience. Those who have seen visions of the holy beings see them surrounded by white light. People have always described going to the light, finding the light, being called by the light. Men, women, and children who have had classic near-death experiences vividly describe arriving in a place of white light; they speak of themselves and others as being bathed in white light.

Prior to being described as the light of any religion; light was just light. Light is a part of the primary source material. Later, in history the concept of light became institutionalized; it was interpreted according to cultural and religious beliefs. Pure light thus became light of God, light of truth, light of Buddha, light of Jesus, cosmic light, and ocean of light depending upon where you were born and what you were taught. Light is fundamental energy.

The New Testament, referring to John the Baptist, reads: “He came for testimony, to bear witness to the light that all might believe through him.” Later Jesus says, “Put your trust in the light while you have it, so that you may become sons of light.”

The use of the term “inner light” describes our ability to experience God within ourselves. The experience can leave us with the conviction that everyone can hear God’s voice directly without mediation by priests or church ritual.

According to some Eastern teachings, all beings are blessed with a spark of inner divine light. In describing this, we use such phrases as clear natural mind, and the clear light of reality. The Jewish mystics use similar words when they speak of the inner spark or the spark of God. The Koran refers to man when it talks about the candle flame burning in a niche in the wall of God’s temple.

Almost inevitably a spiritual search becomes a search for divine light. By cultivating our inner core, we search for this light in ourselves as well as the divine.

Every year, winter hits us with grayness in many places of this world. It beckons us to travel inward to find the flame inside of us. In spite of holiday bustle, some accept the invitation and create a season of quietude seeking the Light of their Souls. Very few feel that need because we are caught up in the sighting of the giver of presents rather than the giver of life.

By finding peace, we can find our inner journey. Perhaps we could develop the habit of lighting a candle each night, and snuggling near the fireplace with a journal and pen. Maybe we could allow stillness in our homes, keeping the TV and radio off for an evening. Imagine picking up that old instrument, dusting it off and learning a new song. We could take the time to listen to a crisp morning call to us, then bundle up and take a private walk around in nature. Whatever we choose, we can let this season of darkness lead us to our inner Light.

If we are cycling into a darker period, we are experiencing old, unresolved emotions, deep feelings of fears related to survival – emotionally or financially. Relationships are challenging and feelings of being powerless overwhelm us. Our darkness longs for the light. Sometimes the darkness may be discouraging, so it is essential to remember there can be a Light at its core.

Whether we are walking through the Advent spiral, experiencing the depths of the winter grayness, or enduring the shadows of our own self, these will always be opportunities to take in the darkness. And in the darkness, we must seek the Light to receive its gift, no matter how long the journey or small the flame; it is our beacon and our Salvation.

To reach the source of the Light, we simply need to walk the pathway that leads us to our soul. It may be a solitary journey – and a profoundly beautiful one – yet we are always looked after by our guide the Spirit of God. God watches over us in reverence waiting for our acceptance of the Light and Power. And, if we listen carefully as we make our way through the darkness, we may even come to hear the song of the Angels. Then we can emerge as filled with an illumination to enlighten the rest of the world.