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Intimacy between two men

Be Encouraged

There is a spirit of sadness rampant in the community of black gay / homosexual / same-gender-loving men. It can be recognized underneath the many beautiful faces and wonderfully sculpted bodies of brothers in bars and clubs. It was evident in the August 1998 issue

Praying man holding bible

Black, Gay and Spiritual

To know Jesus with all my heart and to seek his blessed face with my soul; to understand his life and how he lives in me; to be pleasing before his sight; and for him to one day call me home and say, “well done,

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Facing One’s Own Anti-Gay Bias

From the Louisville Courier-Journal, Thursday, April 10, 1997 I have said ugly things about gay people, and I’ve laughed at gay jokes. I, who am female and black, and who know firsthand the sting of contempt, and how bigotry can suck the light right out

Man praying in church pew

Overcoming Oppressive Theology

City of Refuge United Church of Christ, San Francisco, Calif. Theos/logos God words or words about God are not etched in granite…they metamorphosise with time. All of us see things a bit differently than how we saw them ten years ago, and certainly our theology