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What People Need from You Now This Election Season Is…

We can’t deny that we were warned in 2006 during the height of the anti-LGBTQ crusades: “Consciously or unconsciously, fundamentalist Christians are using their anti-homosexual campaign to test how much intolerance the American people will tolerate.” Since that time, just as insider Mel White predicted

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Archdiocese of Detroit Joins Extremist Homophobia Trend

Will American Catholics embrace love? As I cope with the Sunday-morning death of my father, thoughts of religion and spirituality occupy me. As extended family gathered around his deathbed last week, I reflected on my membership in a large Irish-Catholic clan. While much of my

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The So-Called Clobber Texts: Be Prepared

First Christian Church of Decatur, Ga. August 11, 2019 Key Resource: Jim Dant, This I Know: A Simple Biblical Defense for LGBTQ Christians, published by Nurturing Faith, Inc. (2018) Prepare to be prepared. Pastor Paul Turner of Gentle Spirit Christian Church was in his office, which