Tears of Joy for Richard and Eric

Richard and Eric
You make me cry
It’s hard to explain
But, I’ll give it a try

From the very first day
I heard the news
Tears began flowing
Stirring my muse

This sacrament pledged
Together you vow
Gives me Goosebumps
Makes me say “Wow!”

When my fellow workers
Asked me today
How was I doing
What could I say?

I wasn’t sad
Quite to the contrary
Two of my friends
Have decided to marry

I’ll join with them
In their sacred place
That too many times
Brought tears to my face

Tears of grief
For many a friend
Memorial services
At life’s tragic end

But now I rejoice
My heart leaps with glee
Two lives are joined
For the world to see

I want to pick flowers
And dance merrily
I want to take showers
As long as can be

I just want to shout
And sing and give praise
And let my God know
Great are your ways!

You pour out your blessings
On lesbians and gays
To let us all know
These are special days

For Richard and Eric
Please continue to bless
Please let them know
Your answer is yes

Yes, you do love them
Yes, you do care
Yes, when they need you
You’ll always be there

Life brings abundance
When two join as one
In the sight of the Holy
And crucified Son

Who from the beginning
Created a plan
For Eric and Richard
To join man and man

They love each other
May it always last
Drawing on strengths
From each others past

And create a future
That models for all
The blessings of God
Standing up tall

We celebrate with you
As we shout and we sing
Cause deep from within
The joy bells ring

Joy that brings smiles
And takes away fears
Joy that brings laughter
Joy that brings tears

So that’s why I cry
Many times a day
And when I’m asked why
That’s what I say