The Miser

There was a man who worked and worked and saved all his money. Never spending any of it, just saving it. He loved money. He was a miser and he worshipped his cash.

For years he kept telling his wife, “When I die, I want you to put my money in the casket with me; I want to have it for the afterlife.”

The years passed and he kept idolizing his money and telling his wife to put the money in the casket with him. He even got a bible out and made his wife swear on the bible that she would put the money in his casket with him.

“Do you promise to put my money in the casket with me when I die? Do you PROMISE.”

“Yes,” the wife replied, “I promise to put all your money in your casket with you.”

One day the man died and at the funeral the wife sat holding a gift wrapped box. She was sitting with her closest friend and quietly crying.

Just as the funeral director got ready to close the casket the wife jumped up and said, “Wait, I have something to put in the casket with him.” Then she gently placed the box in the casket.

When she returned to her seat her friend asked, “what did you put in the casket?”

The wife answered, “He made me promise that I would put all his money in the casket with him when he died, so that he could have it in the afterlife.”

The friend was astonished and said, “I KNOW you didn’t do that!!”

The wife looked at her friend and said, “Well, you know I’m a Christian woman and I could not lie to him. So I did as I promised.”

Her friend said, “Girl, you are crazy!! I can’t believe you put all the money in the casket with him!!”

The wife quietly dabbed the tears from her eyes and said, “I’m a Christian but not a darn fool. I wrote him a check!!!