3 Poems by Rima Kane

Renewed and Restored

Dear Heavenly Father
hear my plea
I need forgiveness
please rescue me
My light has been dimmed
by the enemy sin, and
I’ve fallen so far from victory

I want to fight
to restore the light
Come lift me up and
I will be
renewed and restored
forever free

Now all the world
will see the light
that shines within me
day and night
the world will see
the peace in me
they’ll want to know my secret…

I believe Jesus died
I believe Jesus lives
I believe I’m forgiven
I am free from my sins
I also believe His blood flows free
He wants me to live for eternity

By the will of the heart
By an act of the lips
By renewal of the mind
I’ve been raised from the pit

Thank You Father
You heard my plea
and brought me back
to victory

The Soldiers of God

God astounds
Love abounds
What goes around
comes around
Love your neighbor
as yourself
Light the way
and be of help
For those who are lost
will need a light
to find their way
and win the fight
Soldiers of God
we all must be
to guide the lost
to victory

Welcome Home

I stand tall, as a mass of worldly humanity,
quick with sharp tongues and vicious acts,
sink their teeth into my flesh
They are driven by an insatiable hunger — hate
and violence
My soul springs free with an eternal leap of
faith, into the upside down Kingdom of mercy,
peace and love
As they continue to pick at my flesh, His loving
arms embrace me, and as my life truly begins
I hear the words I’ve been longing to hear all
my life —
“I love you, my child… Welcome Home”