Truth That Restores Hope

I am convinced that not death or life, not even angels, not politicians (rulers), not things in the present or things in the future, not force, not highs or lows, and not any other created thing will be able to cut us off from the love of God in Christ Jesus, who is our true Leader. (Romans 8:38-39)

Many of our lesbian, gay, bi, trans sisters and brothers give up hope and suffer depression because of lies about the Bible and sexual orientation that have been dumped on them in the name of God! One of the most destructive recent distortions of truth was the national ads and other media attempts to confuse and depress homosexuals with the false claims of “Exodus” and other “Ex-Gay” groups that represent the rapidly growing “ex-gay” industry. The “Ex-Gay” Fraud is a hoax that has taken a heavy toll in human suffering, depression, and suicide.

No profession works harder to help troubled people restore an attitude of hope in their lives than do medical doctors who are specialists in psychiatry. Earlier this month (December, 1998), the American Psychiatric Association took a strong stand against the fraudulent “ex-gay” therapies and declared that “there is no evidence that sexual orientation can be changed”.

Denial and Depression

When Jesus declared that “The truth will set you free.” (John 8:32), the immediate response of the religious leaders was to declare that they were the children of Abraham and had never been slaves to anyone! They lived in denial that they had ever been slaves in Egypt and Babylon, were currently under the total control of the Roman Empire, and were subject to a demanding and destructive legalistic religious system that denied their God given freedom even to enjoy real rest on the Sabbath. When your hope is based on your own ability to obey the absolute laws of the legalists, you have no hope. Faith equals hope. Law equals despair.

The freedom to live in the hope that Jesus gives is being denied to many homosexuals by homophobic religious demands and promises that are based on abusive use of the Bible and on flawed and discredited psychology. The truth, however, will set you free.

This is war! When President Roosevelt tried to rally the spirits of the American people during our nation’s darkest hour of depression and war, his firm promise was repeated many times: “All we have to fear is fear itself.” The many cultural and religious forms of homophobia that surround and oppress us are the fears that attack us from without and from within and “makes cowards of us all”. Perfect love casts out fear. Jesus cures homophobia.

Truth and Hope

Enjoy the brilliant light of truth, accurate information, and “the facts” about sexual orientation, the Bible, Jesus Christ, and the clear conclusions of the medical, legal, and psychological professions that as a homosexual person you are not sick, broken, or depraved. You are a child of God and a fully loved and accepted member of the family of God, no matter what some churches and preachers say about you! Enter into and enjoy God’s perfect inclusive unconditional love revealed in Jesus.

Begin the NEW YEAR with hope, love, joy, and peace within. Your new self-confidence and self-respect will be not only a basis for renewed hope in your own life but also will be an encouragement to other people.

Happy New Year 1999!