When God Is Silent

Faith means a lot of things to a lot of people and faith is what keeps me from becoming disheartened whenever the message I am waiting for isn’t readily available. I read something once that has remained with me over the years – a constant reminder of our need for faith and determination. I would like to share this little story as a reminder for anyone else who cares to use it.

An old man and a young lad were sitting in the park one day enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. The younger of the two noticed that his grandfather chuckled silently every time one of the squirrels above them dove from one tree to the next. He finally asked the old man what he found so humorous. His reply? “Faith is a wonderful thing my child. Faith is what allows these squirrels to jump from one limb to the next in their quest for food and play. Without faith and determination, they would remain in one tree for their lifetime. What a poor existence that would be.” The question? Are you going to remain in one tree or allow your faith to move you forward and into the right direction?

God’s silence is not necessarily a negative response. He speaks to us at will – His will, not our own. Our faith must assure us that God the Father listens to our every word, and no word is ever forgotten. He would not condemn us to a lifetime in one tree! He is our Father, yes, but he is also our Best Friend. Would your best friend on Earth ever intentionally ignore you? No, and neither does the Father. He hears our pleas, our thanksgiving, our joy and our despair – and he remembers all. If the Father knows the count of every living creature, the number of hairs on our head, our mere thoughts on a daily basis – surely you must believe and have faith in the fact that he does listen – and he will respond.

Patience is a virtue. How many times in our lifetime have we heard this said? Yet, I will be the first to admit that patience is a hard trait for me to use easily. That is when I must rely on other areas (faith and belief) in order to remain strong. The Father hears all and will answer. My faith convinces me of that.

In addition to faith in the Father, I believe we must have the peace of mind and openness of heart to continue our daily routines, blessing and thanking Him for all the things that have been accomplished in our lives. No matter what may be left unanswered for the moment, there are hundreds, no – thousands, of things to be thankful for. Our mere existence, the sight and sound of those squirrels having faith and bounding from tree to tree, our health, our hearts, our families and friends who enrich our lives so. So, the next time you are left wondering if God is listening remember this short story of faith. Also remember that our Father has blessed us with many things – as surely as he will bless us again, and just as surely as he will answer our prayers.