Words of Encouragement from Readers

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for creating this wonderful site. During the past few months, I have been struggling with what I had until now referred to as the ultimate contradiction in terms: my life as both a Christian and a lesbian. I had found proofs on my own to conclude that the Bible’s meaning on homosexuality had been skewed over the years, but finding this site is what made me realize that not only does God love me for who I am, but He is also calling me to help educate others. Again, thank you so much!

God Bless!

In reference to an article in issue #5 entitled “Homospirituality: A Queer Kind of Faith:”

What a wonderful moving article. Thank you for your words, which were a source of encouragement to me.

Your sister in Christ.

Thank you for such a needed and wonderful on line magazine. I just found this tonight and will file this on my favorites in order to have easy access to this site. I am 35 yrs and have struggled with this issue for many years. Even after a 5 1/2 yr period of trying to go straight and deciding that it was okay to be a gay Christian, and even after defending us to others I still have doubts. I often don’t discuss them with others which probably makes it worse. I have much baggage in re: to seeing God as a loving father and feel that I have been through much spiritual abuse.

I’m hoping to find a good spiritual counselor who can help me deal with this “spiritual abuse”, in order for me to have no stumbling blocks in my walk with the Lord. This spiritual abuse I am speaking about, happened in regards to my homosexuality. Having a site like this that I can go to on a regular basis, will help me see God as a loving God who> does love me for who I am. Thank you again!

Just wanted to let you know that I ran across your web page, and felt that you are doing a great job. Please keep up the good work!!! I realize that it requires a lot of time, creativity, and discipline to continue such a task, and I hope that I can give you some amount of inspiration to continue your efforts.

I was born a male gay. I became a Christian in a very fundamentalist home at a young age. I thought that I couldn’t be gay because I was a Christian. I fought that for 24 years until my cousin died of AIDS. I talked a lot with him before his death sharing secrets with each other we relaised God still cared…at least we felt he did…regardless of what anybody else said.

For those 24 years suicide looked like an easier way out than living a lie. Suicide seemed not far away most days in those 24 years. I used to run youth camps etc but realised I was having unnatural feelings about other young guys and stopped going to camps and church. I missed God but felt I had disgraced him and couldn’t bear the thought of being in his mpresence as bad as I was. I am still a virgin even at 38 becasue I couldn’t bring myself to date guys or have any sort of relationship with anyone. People describe me as too technical or distant. The reason is I could never let them see the horribble person I was. That was until Andrew died last year. I was sick of living a lie. So I have come out to friends in cyberspace and am rebuilding and rebalancing my life.

I sit here reading your site with tears in my eyes as I relaise how much I still love God and begin to understand he still loves me. I am annoyed at those who would seperate me from God for so long, and especially myself for letting them.

I live in a small homophobic town and work in a homophobic company but I will survive damn it!

Thank you so much, you have rekindled my faith to fight on…no matter what people send you in the form of negative email…keep up your light on the hill…it means so much to us all.

This is a great site. I’ve still not finished reading all that’s already there, and I am excited. I belong to an Open and Affirming UCC church, and I truly belieive that it is NOT inconguous to be both gay and Christian (although my mother does not!). I’m not sure who gave me your url, but I’m gald that they did. Keep up the good fight!

I think that the work that you are doing is incredible. I think that for too long gays and lesbians have been shunned from the love of God and consequently most Christian gays and lesbians are afraid of religion and spirituality. What you are doing in an amazing step in reversing that. I hope that you do not give up the fight. Know that there is at least one person out there (and I’m sure more than that) who is supporting what you are doing and praying for you daily. I’m sure you knew when you first began this that the voice of opposition would be loud and belligerent. Your knowledge of the translations of the Bible is very impressivs and inspirational. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one who feels the way I do. I know that there must be thousands of others out there, but it is easy to feel isolated. I visit the page daily and it brings me comfort and strength to continue fighting the fight.