Writing Prompts

If you’re interested in writing for Whosoever but not sure of a topic, here are some thought starters for various times of the year to spur your thinking, break that writer’s block and get those creative juices flowing.

The Church

  • Welcoming, accepting, affirming: How to identify LGBTQ+ friendly churches and/or seminaries today
  • The “spiritual, not religious” trend among LGBTQ+ people today
  • Overcoming religious persecution and spiritual violence in today’s church
  • LGBTQ+ activism in today’s church
  • Getting a seat at the table for everyone in the LGBTQ+ community

Faith, Witness & The Bible

  • Can you be both LGBTQ+ and fundamentalist?
  • How to respond to LGBTQ+ phobia in the church
  • An examination of common clobber passages used to condemn transgender people
  • The case for “original blessing” rather than original sin
  • Is being in a same-gender Christian marriage  similar or different to heterosexual marriage?

Youth, Coming Out & Journeys

  • Experiencing God (and/or Jesus) after being told God couldn’t, or wouldn’t, love us or our “sin”
  • Addiction, guilt, shame: Queer identity isn’t humanity’s only closet
  • How to deal with non-accepting Christian family members
  • What Christian parents should know about today’s LGBTQ+ youth and teens
  • The struggles of today’s LGBTQ+ people in “straight” marriages
  • Being a bisexual Christian today
  • The reality of being a non-white LGBTQ+ Christian today
  • Is it still awkward to be a straight Christian ally to LGBTQ+ people?


  • The reality of being a Black trans person of faith in America
  • Why LGBTQ+ Christian voices are important to the Black Lives Matter movement
  • What Jesus would have had to say about white privilege
  • Why it’s important for LGBTQ+ people of faith to dismantle white privilege
  • How straight privilege and white privilege affect LGBTQ+ people in the church in similar ways
  • Being LGBTQ+ and spiritual with physical challenges
  • Recommended reading/viewing lists for anyone wanting to learn more about oppression

Pride / Stonewall

  • What LGBTQ+ Christians should be rioting about this year
  • Recommended reading list for LGBTQ+ Christians who want to know their queer history