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  • Issue 1:
    Same Sex Marriage:
    The Unholy Battle
    Over Matrimony

  • Issue 2:
    Gay and Christian:
    Can You Be Both?

  • Issue 3:
    Queering The

  • Issue 4:
    There Are None!!

  • Issue 5:
    A Queer Kind Of Faith

  • Issue 6:
    God With Us

  • Issue 7:

  • Issue 8:
    Can You Be Transgendered
    and Christian?

  • Issue 9:
    Let Us Give
    Thanks and Praise!

  • Issue 10:
    Spiritual Self Defense:
    Responding Constructively To Persecution

  • Issue 11:
    Coming Out As Christians

  • Issue 12:
    Surviving A Spiritual Crisis

  • Issue 13:
    Becoming A New Creation In Christ

  • Issue 14:
    Books That Bless

  • Issue 15:
    Power of Prayer

  • Issue 16:

  • Issue 17:

  • Issue 18:

  • Issue 19:

  • Issue 20:
    Telling Our Stories

  • Issue 21:
    Renewing Our Strength

  • Issue 22:
    Faith for the New Millennium

  • Issue 23:
    The Silence of God

  • Issue 24:

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    Whosoever is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.
    Your contributions to our ministry are now tax deductible!

    Whosoever Staff:

    Candace Chellew

    Please send all submissions for consideration for publication in Whosoever to the editor. Also, you may write to the editor with any questions you have concerning the magazine, its mission, and its staff. If you don't know who else to contact with your question or comment, the editor is the best place to start!

    Candace is the last of five kids of a Southern Baptist minister, and is herself ordained through Gentle Spirit Christian Church of Atlanta, Georgia. She has worked in journalism and public relations for nearly 20 years. She founded Whosoever because "there were simply no good Christian magazines to read that didn't bash gays at some point." She and her partner, Wanda, live in the sticks of South Carolina with way too many cats and dogs.

    Photo of Rev. Paul TurnerRev. Paul Turner
    Seeds of Hope

    If you are need of pastoral guidance, or are having a crisis in your spiritual walk, Pastor Paul is the person to contact. Often he will use letters sent to him in his Seeds of Hope column. We are sensitive to the needs you may have for privacy and will not reveal your name or e-mail address if you write to Pastor Paul with your concerns.

    Pastor Paul is the senior pastor of Gentle Spirit Christian Church in Atlanta, Georgia. He lives with his partner of nearly 20 years, Billy, in Atlanta.

    Photo of Erny PhippsErny Phipps
    Whosoever Prays

    Erny Phipps is the co-moderator of Whosoever Prays, an e-mail community dedicated to praying for each other and praising God for blessings received.

    Brought up in the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, Erny has been on a life-long journey to find God. He calls prayer his "only constant" during that search, so Whosoever Prays was a natural calling for him. Erny and his 7-year-old son, Ryan, live in Arizona.

    To contact us by snail mail:

    Whosoever Ministries, Inc.
    PO Box 11751
    Columbia, SC 29211

    Whosoever Board of Directors:

    • Candace Chellew

    • Rev. Paul Turner
      Vice President

    • Darrell Grizzle
    • Erny Phipps
    • Lori Heine

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