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Can the Bible be Wrong?

[Posted on October 15, 2000]

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Hello Brother or Sister in Christ!

I found you website soon after I found Jesus and would like to take issue on some points. I know it's been said before, but I think you really can't pick and choose what you like in the bible. If Romans is wrong that homosexuality is a sin, then can Romans not also be wrong about God's love? By eliminating a part of Romans which disagrees with your worldview do you not see that logically it is possible to eliminate the parts which DO agree with your world view? The passages in the bible concerning sexual immorality condemn homosexuality, beastiality, and incest as sins. Are then beastiality and incest acceptable? And how about murder? If the bible is wrong that homosexuality is a sin, maybe it's wrong about murder being a sin... Do you see how you can follow your logic down any road you want?

The problem with your site is that it changes God to fit society's view. God is unchanging. God is eternal. Jesus came to lay down the law for us to follow to get into heaven. We cannot change it as we choose!

On another note I would like to say that this isn't pointless hate mail. I don't hate homosexuals, and I certainly don't hate fellow Christians. Homosexuality is just another sin, like atheism, gluttony, adultery - yet preachers today hype it up to be the worst possible sin. It isn't the worst sin possible! I also speak from the perspective of an ex-fetishist. I struggle everyday to overcome my un-natural desires - and praise Jesus that when I felt they were right he told me in my heart that they were wrong.

So sorry about the long letter. Hope I haven't offended anybody, and excuse the spelling! I hope Jesus moves your heart and works in you -

Love you, and Praise HIM!!!