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These Holidays Exalt Those Who Must Flee Home & Homeland

Before we put away the decorations and crèches used in the Christmas and Epiphany celebrations that are taking place around the world, there’s one more episode in the stories surrounding these holidays that’s often glossed over too quickly. Whether any or all of these stories

Statue of Roman men

Putting the ‘Bi’ in the Bible

If we know one thing about guys in ancient Rome, it’s that they swung both ways. “Roman society almost unanimously assumed that adult males would be capable of, if not interested in, sexual relations with both sexes,” as John Boswell noted back in his 1980

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What Jesus’ ‘Coming Out’ Story Says to All of Us

Later in this month of May, many Christian denominations will celebrate Pentecost, which challenges us to go out to the whole world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Soon thereafter we enter the month of June, in which we celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride. In Christian

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The Latest in LGBTQ Bible Scholarship

Scholarship on the Bible and ‘LGBT issues’ is proving to be very startling lately. Here are a few recent papers to check out: 1. Biblical-era Jews were maybe not so ‘anti-gay’ Most men in the ancient world were assumed to be bisexual, so it’s not