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God Wants You to Change Your Lifestyle!

[Posted on December 12, 2000]

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God really loves you very much and he wants you to change. You probably think that is okay to be GAY, but is not okay. God wants you to change your life style, and Jesus can help you do that. you have to give a lot of effort, you have to give up the bad things, and follow Jesus foot steps. You know that is not correct to do it with the same sex, and that is not good to blame God for your mistakes. God gave us freedom of choice. You want to choose the right way or you want to choose the wrong way, that's up to you. You're the one that make the choice, just ask God to lead you, so you can go on the right way. Please do not feel bad, He can help you and ask for forgiveness and He will lead you on the right way. Pray hard and believe that He is the greatest, and the mythers, and the most kindness of all. So, my friend never blame God of your wrong doings. on the contrary, talk to Him and ask Him for help. He will never let you down. I can promise that, because I believe in god and I believe that Jesus is His wonderful son.