Reverent Responses

Can the Bible be Wrong?
Rev. Vera I. Bourne Responds

[Posted on October 28, 2000]

Dear Schumacher,

I disagree with your conclusion that this site attempts to change God to fit society's view. Rather I believe this site portrays God accurately as eternal, unchangeable and totally loving of every created being. Jesus himself proclaimed that he had come to seek and save those who were lost (Matthew 18: 11), rather than coming to judge any person (John 12: 47). His every action speaks of the love with which he encompassed all he met, this is surely not laying down the law. In the early part of John 12: 47 Jesus states that he does not come to judge even those who hear his word and turn from it. Jesus woos us with love, not rules, regulations or threats.

Homosexuality is not a sin. Where in Scripture is homosexuality mentioned? Homosexuality is not even mentioned in Scripture, thus it is never referred to as a sin. The passage from Romans to which I believe your letter refers, speaks of the habits of Temple prostitution of the various cults which flourished in Paul's days. These cults encouraged sexual licentiousness and sexual acts, which were as abnormal to heterosexuals as would be heterosexuality to those of us who were created homosexual or asexual. I encourage you to study this passage carefully with the assistance offered by modern theologians who are attempting to clarify those texts which have previously been subject to doubtful translation.

We do not try to justify any sin, nor do we judge any person, for it is the sole prerogative of God to judge each and every person. Only God can decide whether our thoughts, words and willingness is centred on our own pleasures or on obedience to God's command to live lives which reflect our love for God and for all humanity. Sin is sin, there are no big sins neither are there small sins. Sin is lack of obedience to God's law of love. I do not believe this site attempts to promote any other definition of sin, nor do we encourage any to sin. Instead we offer God's love to those who have been damaged and fragmented by the words and actions of well-meaning self-professed Christians. God love each of us, and each includes all homosexuals.

Shalom, my brother in Christ,