Whosoever August/September 2012

Issue Theme: Watching Our Tongues

Table of Contents

Cover Stories:

The Mouth Burn of Righteousness
By: Rev. Candace Chellew-Hodge

How much do we really accomplish when we use our tongues of fire - or ire - against those who oppose us?

Saved by the Tongue's Betrayal
By: Joseph Farnes

If our speech is harmful or destructive, then it is betraying something wrong inside.

The Beast Within
By: Lori Heine

Your words, as it were, strip you naked. They show not your body, but your soul.

Slippery Tongues
By: Simyona Deanova

Let Jesus be our eyes whenever we read the old laws, let him speak to our hearts and tell us what we mean to him.

Sticks and Stones
By: John H. Campbell

Words misused and not selected wisely CAN hurt indirectly, and they can cause damage regardless of how resilient we can be. So what could we do to facilitate using our words with care to the best of our ability, and express the need to and assist others to be mindful of the same?


Chick-fil-A CEO Makes No Bones about "Biblical Marriage"
By: Warren J. Blumenfeld

Let's look at some of the religious teachings, many pointing out that the institution of marriage was constructed very differently from what some today consider as "traditional."

Book Review: Being Jesus in Nashville by Jim Palmer
By: Darrell Grizzle

The focus of [Jim Palmer's] questions is what it means to be Jesus in the real world.

On the Serious Politics of Lying
By: Bob Minor

We have to present a model of beliefs for which we stand. We must act as if we mean it and it's important, or we're telling people it doesn't really matter.

Homeless and Victimized LGBT Youth
By: Rev. Dr. Jerry S. Maneker

Homophobic clergy and their followers help destroy families and help kill people, and these facts must never be forgotten!

Episcopal Church Adapting to Culture
By: Martin E. Marty

...the question is not "Can Liberal Christianity be Saved?" but "Can Liberal Christians Save Christianity?"

From the Pulpit:

Via Transformativa: From Glory to Glory
From Servant to Friend

By: Rev. Candace Chellew-Hodge

When you speak God's prophetic words of love and mercy into a world of hatred and oppression, expect to be despised.

Via Transformativa: From Glory to Glory
From One to All

By: Rev. Candace Chellew-Hodge

Being by ourselves is infinitely easier than doing the messy work of community. But, alas, this is what we are called to do if we say we want to be followers of this man called Jesus.

Via Transformativa: From Glory to Glory
From Minded to Mindful

By: Rev. Candace Chellew-Hodge

To move from the glory of being minded ultimately means that we break free of all earthly authority over us and become mindful - which is a state where we so thoroughly realize our unity with every creature on this earth that all we want to do is love it, take care of it, and see it thrive. This is the place where we realize, at the deepest level, we are family.

Via Positiva: Cosmic Kindergarten
Play Nice

By: Rev. Candace Chellew-Hodge

The real question we must settle here in Cosmic Kindergarten is this: are we the peacemakers on the playground or are we loading our slingshot for the next Goliath?

Holy Humor:

The Driving Pope

Rottweiler Jesus

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