Note: All biblical citations are taken from the King James Version.

1. The women characters on which Trible reflects are Hagar, the abused slave woman of Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 16:1-16; 21:9-21); Jephthah's unnamed daughter, who is killed by her own father as a human sacrifice (Judges 11:29-40), the unnamed concubine who suffers gang-rape and murder by the men of Benjamin (Judges 19:1-30), and Tamar, a rape survivor (2 Samuel 13:1-22).

2. These and similar uses of the Bible have been well documented in such books as Robert Fuller's Naming the Antichrist and Jim Hill and Rand Cheadle's The Bible Tells Me So.

3. Amazingly, there is today an active network of Christian geocentrists who continue to maintain the same doctrines preached by Cardinal Bellarmine over three centuries ago. Chief among these contemporary geocentrists is Marshall Hall of Georgia; his 1991 book, The Earth Is Not Moving, went into a second printing in 1994. The cover blurb of Hall's magnum opus boldly declares, "Over 400 years of deception exposed! The Bible told the truth all along." Relying, like Galileo's seventeenth-century opponents, on a literal reading of selected biblical passages, Hall denounces the heliocentric model of the solar system as "a Satanic counterfeit" (20). Hall also maintains a directory of other contemporary geocentrists, such as Gerardus D. Bouw and R.G. Elmendorf, on his website.

4. Everett Tilson noted "the use by Christians of Ezra's demand as a biblical precedent for the practice of segregation" in his 1958 study, The Bible and Segregation (38). With both the Ezra passage and Tilson's commentary in mind, it is sobering to note that interracial marriages were illegal in some parts of the United States until 1967, when Loving v. Virginia was settled by the Supreme Court (Eskridge 76-77).

5. Nancy Wilson (120-34) has written one of the most insightful and comprehensive studies relating biblical eunuchs to contemporary sexual minorities; also worthy of note is James D. Anderson's article on the same subject which recently appeared in Gay Theological Journal.

6. Cathy Lynn Grossman's article on the Baptist controversy was helpful to me as I prepared my lesson for the class on Ephesians; also illuminating was A.N. Wilson's New York Times editorial on the controversy.

7. The Aryan Nations, for example, cite a host of biblical verses on their Internet site in order to "prove" that only the white peoples of northern Europe are true descendants of Adam. Also, Jim Hill and Rand Cheadle have documented the Ku Klux Klan's appropriation of the Bible in order to further a racist agenda (10-12). An essential scholarly study of the Aryan Nations, the Klan, and similar groups is Michael Barkun's Religion and the Racist Right: The Origins of the Christian Identity Movement.

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