Little girl running through a grassy field in a sleeveless dress

Taking Delight in My Neighbor

The first weekend of January 2024 was interesting, in a microcosm sort of way. There were two different but strangely related situations. I’ll start with the second one first because it’s shorter due to it not being a story I want to tell publicly in

Woman covering her face with red apple

What’s So Original About Sin?

We are originally blessed with light and joy and peace I was taught, from infancy, that I was born with something called “original sin.” Even as a tiny baby there was a stain on me, passed down from Adam and Eve in the garden after

Pope Francis

Pope Francis’ Community of Transwomen

It’s a rare opportunity to meet the pope. It’s even rarer if you’re a transgender Catholic. However, on November 19, in Torvaianica, Italy, a community of transwomen, many whom are sex workers, were welcomed and seated in a vast auditorium with over a thousand other